Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports Volume 9, Issue 2

jqasAnalysis of the NCAA Men’s Final Four TV audience
Grimshaw, Scott D. / Sabin, R. Paul / Willes, Keith M.
Page 115

Are the official world golf rankings biased?
Broadie, Mark / Rendleman, Richard J.
Page 127

The effect of batting during the evening in cricket
McGinn, Eamon
Page 141

Looking at spacings to assess streakiness
Albert, Jim
Page 151

Around the goal: examining the effect of the first goal on the second goal in soccer using survival analysis methods
Nevo, Daniel / Ritov, Ya’acov
Page 165

A proposed general rating system for which the Colley Matrix Rating System is a special case
Stewart, Mark J.
Page 179

Ranking rankings: an empirical comparison of the predictive power of sports ranking methods
Barrow, Daniel / Drayer, Ian / Elliott, Peter / Gaut, Garren / Osting, Braxton
Page 187

Bicycle tours: modeling the perceived exertion of a daily path
Carl, Katherine / Brown, Susan A. / Dror, Moshe / Durcikova, Alexandra
Page 203

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