Journal of Brand Strategy Volume 2, Number 2

  • jbs300Brand engagement and connecting your brand with today’s customers
    Anna Papadopoulos, VP, Integrated Media Services and Niharika Shah, VP, Strategy & Planning, Prudential Advertising
  • Find the shared interest: A route to community activation and brand building
    David Aaker, Vice-Chairman, Prophet
  • The art of the possible: How data and technology can help a marketer stay true to their brand
    Hannah McMullen, Head of Marketing, Sky IQ
  • The 12-point customer engagement model: New thinking on gathering, monitoring and acting on customer feedback to optimise customer operations
    Ravi Bhalla, VP, Strategic Transformation, Barclays
  • An evolved definition of the term ‘brand’: Why branding has a branding problem
    Casey Jones, Co-founder and Daniel Bonevac, Co-founder, BriefLogic
  • Decoding the modern sports fan
    Mike Reisman, Principal and Founding Partner, Team Epic and Jeff Eccleston, VP, Group Director, Sponsorship Research International
  • Retailing with purpose: How the pursuit of social responsibility can inspire and sustain retail growth and innovation
    Gwen Morrison, co-CEO, The Store, WPP’s Global Retail Practice and Anneliza Humlen, President and Founder, SocialVoice
  • Managing a crisis in the era of social communication: How Greater Manchester Police is developing community engagement and communication
    Amanda Coleman, Head of Corporate Communications, Greater Manchester Police
  • A country as a brand: Israel’s evolving branding strategy
    Ram Herstein, Head of MBA Program & Associate Professor of Marketing and Ron Berger, Head of Marketing, Jerusalem Academic Center, Lander Institute
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