International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 16, 2021, Issue 3

Original research

Evaluating the impact of a coach development intervention for improving coaching practices and player outcomes in netball: The MASTER coaching randomized control trial
Narelle Eather, Andrew Miller, Brad Jones, and Philip J Morgan

Open Access
Job stressors, strain, and psychological wellbeing among women sports coaches
Faye F Didymus, Leanne Norman, Megan Hurst, and Nicola J Clarke

The roles of different types of passion in emotional exhaustion and turnover intention among athletic coaches
Ye Hoon Lee and Heetae Cho

Coaching style, sport enjoyment, and intent to continue participation among artistic swimmers
Seungmo Kim, Sanghyun Park, Adam Love, and Tsz Ching Pang

Coaches’ impact on youth athletes’ intentions to continue sport participation: The mediational influence of the coach–athlete relationship
Meredith M Wekesser, Brandonn S Harris, Jody Langdon, and Charles H Wilson, Jr

Positive development of young futsal players is influenced by the coach’s method and leadership profile
Luis Rogério de Albuquerque, Eduardo Mendonça Scheeren, Renato Rodrigues Biscaia, Gislaine Cristina Vagetti, and Valdomiro de Oliveira

Factors associated with coach–athlete conversations about mental health in intercollegiate sport
Jessica Murphy and Philip Sullivan

Collegiate coach attitudes towards lesbians and gay men
Elizabeth M Mullin and Sarah Cook

Open Access
Coach awareness, knowledge and practice in relation to growth and maturation and training load in competitive, young gymnasts
Tejal Sarika Patel, Alex McGregor, Louise Fawcett, Sheree Bekker, Sean Williams, Karen Williams, and Sean P Cumming

What male coaches want to know about the menstrual cycle in women’s team sports: Performance, health, and communication
Anthea Clarke, Andrew Govus, and Alex Donaldson

A comparison of US and Scotland youth soccer coaches’ legal consciousness regarding concussion safety regulations
, , , and

Coaches’ internal model of the tennis serve technique: Knowing or understanding?
Yulia Fetisova, James Zois, Michael Spittle, and Andrew Dawson

Contemporary practices of strength and conditioning coaches in professional cricket
Anthony Weldon, Michael J Duncan, Anthony Turner, Candice J Christie, and Cecilia MC Pang

Current perceptions of strength and conditioning coaches use of sled tow training
Jason Williams, Timothy Baghurst, and Micheál J Cahill

An exploration of the landscape of fundamental movement skills and strength development in UK professional football academies
Neil Smothers, Brendan Cropley, Rhodri Lloyd, and Jon Oliver

Malandragem and Ginga: Socio-cultural constraints on the development of expertise and skills in Brazilian football
Luiz Uehara, Chris Button, John Saunders, Duarte Araújo, Mark Falcous, and Keith Davids

Open Access
Play more, enjoy more, keep playing; rugby is a simple game
Ben Jones, Ed Hope, Andrew Hammond, Jason Moran, Thomas Leeder, John Mills, and Gavin Sandercock

The effect of adolescent athletes’ achievement goal orientation and perception of error on their sport-confidence
Seungjoo Lee, Sungho Kwon, Yong-se Kim, and Doheung Lee

Profiles of motivation, fear of failure and anxiety in young handball players: A cross-sectional study
Manuel Gómez-López, Javier Courel-Ibáñez, and Antonio Granero-Gallegos

Will ‘we’ continue to exercise? The associations between group identification, identity leadership, and relational identification on group exercise class adherence
Laura F Rowe and Matthew J Slater

Type of injury and recovery time in elite adolescent Korean judo athletes: An epidemiological study
Hyun-Chul Kim and Ki-Jun Park

Nutrition knowledge and dietary intake of hurlers
John Murphy and James O’Reilly

Adolescent football players’ sleep, wellness and school physical activity over different phases of the year
Georgia A Brown, Stella Veith, John A Sampson, Matthew Whalan, and Hugh HK Fullagar

Successful talent development in popular game sports in Switzerland: The case of ice hockey
Pascal Stegmann, Roland Sieghartsleitner, Claudia Zuber, Marc Zibung, Lars Lenze, and Achim Conzelmann

Maturity timing and performance in a youth national basketball team: Do early-maturing players dominate?
Jorge Arede, John Fernandes, Jason Moran, Jonty Norris, and Nuno Leite

The nature of formative physical activities and sports in the development of senior volleyball players
Patrícia Coutinho, Ana Ramos, António M Fonseca, Keith Davids, and Isabel Mesquita

Physiological responses on the Concept II BikeErg and Concept II RowErg in well-trained male rowers
Kirstie J Turner and Anthony J Rice

Performance, perceptual and physiological comparison of traditional and small-sided games in youth hockey
Sarah R Henley-Martin, Daniel J Hiscock, Kagan J Ducker, Angela Jacques, and Carly J Brade

Vertical and horizontal barbell kinematics indicate differences in mechanical advantage between using an arched or flat back posture in the barbell bench press exercise
Brendan L Pinto and Clark R Dickerson

Full effort compared to partial effort performance of the tennis serve in collegiate tennis players
Robert C Manske, Mark Stovak, Peter Loo, Michael Breunig, Todd Ellenbecker, and Barbara S Smith

Matchplay characteristics and performance indicators of male junior and entry professional tennis players
Ales Filipcic, Bojan Leskosek, Miguel Crespo, and Tjasa Filipcic

Analysis of the differences in serve effectiveness between Billie Jean King Cup (former Fed Cup) and Davis Cup doubles tennis matches
Rafael Martínez-Gallego, Miguel Crespo, and Jorge Jiménez

Characterizing adaptations of serve indicators in top-level male volleyball among seasons
Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Sotirios Drikos, Sophia D Papadopoulou, and Karolina Barzouka

The tracking of internal and external training loads with next-day player-reported fatigue at different times of the season in elite soccer players
Garrison Draper, Matthew Wright, Paul Chesterton, and Greg Atkinson

Open Access
“You come up with different theories every year”: Practitioner perceptions of injury risk factors and player monitoring practices in elite men’s domestic cricket
Luke Goggins, Carly McKay, Nicholas Peirce, Keith Stokes, and Sean Williams

Macro and micro network metrics as indicators of training tasks adjustment to players’ tactical level
João Cláudio Machado, Rodrigo Aquino, Alberto Góes Júnior, João Bosco Júnior, Daniel Barreira, Bruno Travassos, Sérgio José Ibáñez, and Alcides José Scaglia

The effect of the Video Assistant Referee on referee’s decisions in the Spanish LaLiga
C Lago-Peñas, MA Gómez, and R Pollard

The undervalued set piece: Analysis of soccer throw-ins during the English Premier League 2018–2019 season
Joseph Antony Stone, Adam Smith, and Anthony Barry

Do elite soccer players cover longer distance when losing? Differences between attackers and defenders
Carlos Lago-Peñas, Anton Kalén, Miguel Lorenzo-Martinez, Roberto López-Del Campo, Ricardo Resta, and Ezequiel Rey

Case Study

Using sport science to improve coaching: A case study of Felisha Johnson’s Road to Rio
Lawrence W Judge, Phillip J Cheetham, Brian Fox, Makenzie A Schoeff, Henry Wang, Mary Momper, and D Clark Dickin


Effect of FIFA 11+ intervention on change of direction performance in soccer and futsal players: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Ruidong Liu, Jianxiu Liu, Xindong Ma, Qing Li, and Ruopeng An

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