International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 16, 2021, Issue 1

Original research

The relationship between coach behavior and athlete self-regulated learning
Jordan D Goffena and Thelma S Horn

Methodological intervention with soccer coaches to improve athlete-perceived coaching competency, satisfaction with the coach, enjoyment and intention to persist
Juan J Pulido, Francisco M Leo, Inmaculada González-Ponce, Miguel A López-Gajardo, and David Sánchez-Oliva

Should team coaches care about justice? Perceived justice mediates the relation between coaches’ autonomy support and athletes’ satisfaction and self-rated progression
Maarten De Backer, Filip Boen, Stef Van Puyenbroeck, Bart Reynders, Koen Van Meervelt, and Gert Vande Broek

Investigation of the interaction between coach transformational leadership and coaching competency change over time
San-Fu Kao, Chou-Yu Tsai, and Robert Schinke

Concussion knowledge, attitude and reporting intention in rugby coaches and high school rugby players
Danielle M Salmon, Janelle Romanchuk, S John Sullivan, Simon Walters, Amanda Clacy, Johna K Register-Mihalik, Zachary Y Kerr, Chris Whatman, and Sierra Keung

Perceived coach-created environment directly predicts high school athletes’ physical activity during sport
Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu, Xiaoxia Zhang, Joonyoung Lee, and Tao Zhang

The effect of a school based injury prevention program on physical performance in youth females
Lesley M Sommerfield, Chris S Whatman, Craig B Harrison, Peter S Maulder, and Robert J Borotkanics

The effect of a rhythmic movement intervention on selected bio-motor skills of academy rugby players in the Western Cape, South Africa
Jocelyn Solomons, Wilbur Kraak, Martin Kidd, and Eileen Africa

Patterns of achievement-motivated behavior and performance as predictors for future success in rowing: A person-oriented study
Michael J Schmid, Achim Conzelmann, and Claudia Zuber

Discriminating performance profiles of cycling disciplines
Mireille Mostaert, Felien Laureys, Pieter Vansteenkiste, Johan Pion, Frederik JA Deconinck, and Matthieu Lenoir

Determining strength training needs using the force-velocity profile of elite female handball and volleyball players
Leonidas Petridis, Gergely Pálinkás, Zsófia Tróznai, Bettina Béres, and Katinka Utczás

Associations of situational and performance variables with defensive transitions outcomes in FIFA World Cup 2018
Rui Freitas, Anna Volossovitch, and Carlos H Almeida

In-game behaviour analysis of football players using machine learning techniques based on player statistics
Abraham García-Aliaga, Moisés Marquina, Javier Coterón, Asier Rodríguez-González, and Sergio Luengo-Sánchez

Case studies

A principled approach to equipment scaling for children’s sport: A case study in basketball
AD Gorman, J Headrick, I Renshaw, CJ McCormack, and KM Topp

The classification in Para swimming: Analysis of a Paralympic champion’s withdraw case
Augusto C Barbosa, Leonardo T Araújo, Tatiana OC Kanayama, João Paulo C de Souza, Thiago F Lourenço, Leonardo V Leis, Ciro Winckler, and Renato Barroso

Research notes

Follow-up evaluation of the Coaching for Life Skills online training program
Stéphanie Turgeon, Martin Camiré, and Scott Rathwell

An exploratory investigation into the reception of verbal and video feedback provided to players in an Australian Football League club
Robert J Mason, Damian Farrow, and John AC Hattie

An examination of in-season external training load in semi-professional soccer players: considerations of one and two match weekly microcycles
William E Swallow, Neil Skidmore, Richard M Page, and James J Malone

The reliability of a linear position transducer and commercially available accelerometer to measure punching velocity in junior boxing athletes
Dale M Harris, Kevin Caillaud, Saumya Khullar, G Gregory Haff, and Christopher Latella


The age, height, and body mass of Olympic swimmers: A 50-year review and update
Adam Mallett, Phillip Bellinger, Wim Derave, Mark Osborne, and Clare Minahan

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