International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 15, 2020, Issue 5–6

Original research

Hard knock coaching: A cross-cultural study of the effects of abusive leader behaviors on athlete satisfaction and commitment through interactional justice
Seungmo Kim, Sungil Hong, Marshall J Magnusen, and Yoojung Rhee

The impact of humanistic coach training on youth athletes’ development through sport
William R Falcão, Gordon A Bloom, and Catherine M Sabiston

Positive youth development related athlete experiences and coach behaviors following a targeted coach education course
Dany J MacDonald, Martin Camiré, Karl Erickson, and Fernando Santos

Understanding key constraints and practice design in Rugby Union place kicking: Experiential knowledge of professional kickers and experienced coaches
Chris Pocock, Neil E Bezodis, Keith Davids, Ross Wadey, and Jamie S North

Voices of Singapore national beach volleyball female athletes: What is an ideal coach?
Ee Shan Lau, Ho Jin Chung, and Michael Chia Yong Hwa

Visual gaze behaviour during free-kicks in football
Sten Schaper, Lisanne van der Kaaden, Vosse de Boode, and Geert Savelsbergh¨

The influence of the video assistant referee on the Chinese Super League
Bo Han, Qiu Chen, Carlos Lago-Peñas, Changquan Wang, and Tianbiao Liu

Spontaneous head movements characterize losing athletes during competition
V Drewes, N Neumann, I Konstantinidis, and I Helmich

Time analysis of throwing motions to second base by baseball catchers: Comparison of three throwing motions
Koichi Kawabata, Tatsuya Urata, Koji Fukuda, and Satoru Tanabe

Effects of video, priming, and music on motivation and self-efficacy in American football players
Joseph A Pettit and Costas I Karageorghis

Why Team China suffered its worst performance in artistic gymnastics at Rio 2016?
Jun He, Jeffrey Montez de Oca, and Lei Zhang

Acute effects of aerobic activity, static stretching, and explosive exercises on muscular performance and range of motion of young soccer players
Nejc Šarabon, Jurij Hostnik, and Goran Markovic

External training load and the effects on training response following three different training sessions in young elite beach volleyball players
Thiemo Pelzer, Marcus Schmidt, Thomas Jaitner, and Mark Pfeiffer

Inertial stresses of national and international motorcycle circuit racing riders
Emanuele D’Artibale, Jonathon Neville, and John B Cronin

Inertial measurement unit based knee flexion strength-power test for sprinters
Ryu Nagahara and Munenori Murata

Sprint acceleration mechanical profiling of international cricketers
Robert Ahmun, Philip Scott, Thomas W Jones, and Jamie Tallent

Tapering practices of elite CrossFit athletes
Hayden J Pritchard, Justin W Keogh, and Paul W Winwood

Performance characteristics of selected/deselected under 11 players from a professional youth football academy
Sebastiaan WJ Platvoet, Katrijn Opstoel, Johan Pion, Marije T Elferink-Gemser, and Chris Visscher

The perceptual, heart rate and technical-tactical characteristics of 3 × 3 basketball
Riley B McGown, Nick B Ball, Jan S Legg, and Jocelyn K Mara

Performance characteristics of top-level youth judokas in light- and heavy-weight categories
Ingrid M Engwerda, Ronnie Lidor, and Marije T Elferink-Gemser

Predicting elite success: Evidence comparing the career pathways of top 10 to 300 professional tennis players
Pingwei Li, Juanita R Weissensteiner, Johan Pion, and Veerle De Bosscher

The creation of goal scoring opportunities at the 2015 women’s world cup
Mark Scanlan, Craig Harms, Jodie Cochrane Wilkie, and Fadi Ma’ayah

Performance analysis in esports: modelling performance at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship
Andrew R Novak, Kyle JM Bennett, Matthew A Pluss, and Job Fransen


A systematic review of intrapersonal coach development programs: Examining the development and evaluation of programs to elicit coach reflection
Eduardo Jorge Da Silva, M Blair Evans, Jordan S Lefebvre, Veronica Allan, Jean Côté, and António Palmeira

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