International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 15, 2020, Issue 4

Original research

Mapping ethical positions with regard to a coach’s decision to select (or not) an injured athlete
Eric Fruchart, Patricia Rulence-Pâques, and Cantisano Nicole

“It’s more than just a game”: NCCAA Division II student-athletes’ perceptions of coach caring
Jordan A Schools, Leslee A Fisher, Matthew J Moore, Sierra V Morris, Trevor J Egli, and Susannah K Knust

Contemporary practices of high-performance swimming coaches on pacing skill development and competition preparation
KE McGibbon, DB Pyne, ME Shephard, MA Osborne, and KG Thompson

Does the longitudinal development of physical and anthropometric characteristics associate with professional career attainment in adolescent Australian footballers?
Ashley J Cripps, Harry G Banyard, Carl T Woods, Christopher Joyce, and Luke S Hopper

Training Practices of Academy Rugby League and their Alignment to Physical Qualities Deemed Important for Current and Future Performance
Sam McCormack, Ben Jones, and Kevin Till

When neither team wants to win: A flaw of recent UEFA qualification rules
László Csató

Identification of key career indicators in Portuguese football players
Ricardo Monteiro, Diogo Monteiro, Célia Nunes, Miquel Torregrossa, and Bruno Travassos

The contribution of skills in the interpretation of a volleyball set result with minimum score difference across genders
Sotirios Drikos, Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Karolina Barzouka, and Yannis Angelonidis

Mechanical character of lower limb for table tennis cross step maneuver
Shirui Shao, Changxiao Yu, Yang Song, Julien S Baker, Ukadike C Ugbolue, Ivan Malagoli Lanzoni, and Yaodong Gu

Case study

Specialist role coaching and skill training periodisation: A football goalkeeping case study
Fabian W Otte, Keith Davids, Sarah-Kate Millar, and Stefanie Klatt

Research Note

Examining the roles of coaching experience and coach training on coaches’ perceived life skills teaching
Sara Kramers, Stéphanie Turgeon, Corliss Bean, Camille Sabourin, and Martin Camiré

Review Article

Effects of jump training on jumping performance of handball players: A systematic review with meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Cristian Alvarez, Antonio Garcia-Hermoso, Justin WL Keogh, Felipe García-Pinillos, Lucas A Pereira, and Irineu Loturco

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