International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 15, 2020, Issue 3

Original research

Coach-assessed skill learning progress of youth soccer players correlates with earlier childhood practice in other sports
Arne Güllich, Robin Cronauer, Johannes Diehl, Luca Gard, and Christopher Miller

Concussion knowledge and attitudes amongst community club rugby stakeholders
Hanno van Vuuren, Karen Welman, and Wilbur Kraak

Is training age predictive of physiological performance changes in developmental rugby league players? A prospective longitudinal study
Mark Booth, Stephen Cobley, Mark Halaki, and Rhonda Orr

Australian female athlete perceptions of the challenges associated with training and competing when menstrual symptoms are present
Mike Armour, Kelly A Parry, Kylie Steel, and Caroline A Smith

Ready to perform? A qualitative-analytic investigation into professional football goalkeepers’ match warm-ups
Fabian W Otte, Sarah-Kate Millar, and Stefanie Klatt

Comparison of the bench press one-repetition maximum obtained by different procedures: Direct assessment vs. lifts-to-failure equations vs. two-point method
Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Daniel Jerez-Mayorga, Dario Martínez-García, Ángela Rodríguez-Perea, Luis J Chirosa-Ríos, and Amador García-Ramos

Getting to first base: Running is faster than sliding in collegiate baseball and softball players
Samuel J Haag

Mediational role of coping with stress in relationship between personality and effectiveness of performance of soccer players
Paweł Kalinowski, Łukasz Bojkowski, Robert Śliwowski, Andrzej Wieczorek, Jan Konarski, and Maciej Tomczak

Importance of perceived teammate support as a predictor of student-athletes’ positive emotions and subjective well-being
Heetae Cho, Hui Yi Tan, and Eunsoon Lee

The use of bounce in professional wheelchair tennis
Alejandro Sánchez-Pay, Gema Torres-Luque, David Sanz-Rivas, and Javier Courel-Ibáñez

Open Access
Equipment modification can enhance skill learning in young field hockey players
JEA Brocken, J van der Kamp, M Lenoir, and GJP Savelsbergh

Acute effects from changes in saddle height in perceived comfort during cycling
Rodrigo Rico Bini

Using passing network measures to determine the performance difference between foreign and domestic outfielder players in Chinese Football Super League
Qian Yu, Yang Gai, Bingnan Gong, Miguel-Ángel Gómez, and Yixiong Cui

Clustering performance in the European Basketball according to players’ characteristics and contextual variables
Nuno Mateus, Pedro Esteves, Bruno Gonçalves, Ivan Torres, Miguel Angel Gomez, Jorge Arede, and Nuno Leite

Does the presence of an opponent affect object projection accuracy in elite athletes? A study of the landing location of the short serve in elite badminton players
Shayne Vial, James L Croft, Ryan T Schroeder, Anthony J Blazevich, and Jodie Cochrane Wilkie

Differences in ground reaction waveforms between elite senior and junior academy sprinters during the block phase and first two steps
Philip Graham-Smith, Steffi L Colyer, and Aki IT Salo

Case study

Lifelong learning pathway of a coach developer operating in a national sport federation
Vitor Ciampolini, Alexandre VB Tozetto, Fabrício J Milan, Martin Camiré, and Michel Milistetd


Training monitoring methods used in the field by coaches and practitioners: A systematic review
Hannah McGuigan, Peter Hassmén, Nedeljka Rosic, and Christopher J Stevensa

A review of the interaction between the striker and the goalkeeper at the individual tactical level in football
Scott William Peterson and Michaela Rose Bruton

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