International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 15, 2020, Issue 2

Original research

The influence of birth quartile, maturation, anthropometry and physical performances on player retention: Observations from an elite football academy
Rickesh Patel, Alan Nevill, Tina Smith, Ross Cloak, and Matthew Wyon

Does coaching experience and coaching efficacy of untrained volunteer youth sport coaches influence children’s moderate-to-vigorous physical activity?
Alysia J Cohen, Viktor Bovbjerg, and Heidi Wegis

Perceived coach supports and at-risk boys’ motivation at a summer sports camp: A commonality analysis
Jiling Liu, Ping Xiang, Ron E McBride, and Nasnoor Juzaily

Coaches and parents hold contrasting perceptions of optimal youth development activities in track and field athletics
Philip E Kearney, Thomas M Comyns, and Philip R Hayes

Effects of manipulating ball type on youth footballers’ performance during small-sided games
Sara Santos, Diogo Coutinho, Bruno Gonçalves, Eduardo Abade, Bruno Pasquarelli, and Jaime Sampaio

Eigenvalues make the difference – A network analysis of the Chinese Super League
Yangqing Zhao and Hui Zhang

Effect of Ramadan fasting: Association with time of day on time-motion, technical aspect and psychophysiological response to simulated karate competition in young amateur competitors
Mahdi Issaoui, Hassane Zouhal, Narimen Yousfi, Amal Salhi, Ali Aloui, Nicola Bragazzi, Habil Hamdouni, Bianka Miarka, Anthony C Hackney, and Abderraouf Ben Abderrahman

Readiness to train: Return to baseline strength and velocity following strength or power training
Alexander Vernon, Christopher Joyce, and Harry G Banyard

Research notes

Accuracy of GPS sport watches in measuring distance in an ultramarathon running race
Rebecca E Johansson, Steffen T Adolph, Jeroen Swart, and Mike I Lambert

Operation of the Basketball Jump Shooting Accuracy Test: Intra- and inter-rater reliability of scoring procedures and floor and ceiling effects for test performance Brenton J Boddington, Ashley J Cripps, Aaron T Scanlan, and Tania Spiteri


Practical application of ecological dynamics for talent development in cricket
Alexandra Lascu, W Spratford, DB Pyne, and N Etxebarria

A systematic review of volleyball spike kinematics: Implications for practice and research
Leonardo dos Santos Oliveira, Túlio Bernardo Macedo Alfano Moura, André Luiz Félix Rodacki, Markus Tilp, and Victor Hugo Alves Okazaki

Intervention strategies for enhancing movement competencies in youth athletes: A narrative systematic review
Simon A Rogers, Peter Hassmén, Alison Alcock, Wendy L Gilleard, and John S Warmenhoven

Open Access
Recovery self-regulation in sport: Theory, research, and practice
Yannick A Balk and Chris Englert

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