International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 14, 2019, Issue 6

Original research

Towards a process for advancing women in coaching through mentorship
Jenessa Banwell, Ashley Stirling, and Gretchen Kerr

Relative age, maturation, anthropometry and physical performance characteristics of players within an Elite Youth Football Academy
Rickesh Patel, Alan Nevill, Ross Cloak, Tina Smith, and Matthew Wyon

Coping resources and strategies of Canadian ice-hockey players: An empirical National Hockey League career model
Randy C Battochio and Natalia Stambulova

Effects of auditory-motor synchronization on 400-m sprint performance: An applied study
Costas I Karageorghis, Jasmin C Hutchinson, Marcelo Bigliassi, Michael PE Watson, Francis A Perry, Lewis D Burges, Troy Melville-Griffiths, and Tristan JG Gomes-Baho

Planning for optimal performance – What happens before the taper?
Karen L Johns, Peter M Philipson, and Philip R Hayes

Perceived goal setting practices across a competitive season
Kim Forsblom, Niilo Konttinen, Robert Weinberg, Pertti Matilainen, and Taru Lintunen

Does a higher training age attenuate injury risk in junior elite rugby league players?
Mark Booth, Stephen Cobley, and Rhonda Orr

Effects of Interactive Metronome and golf swing mechanics training on technique and motor timing in professional and amateur golfers
Jin Hyun Kim and Angela L Ridgel


Machine learning in men’s professional football: Current applications and future directions for improving attacking play
Mat Herold, Floris Goes, Stephan Nopp, Pascal Bauer, Chris Thompson, and Tim Meyer

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