International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 14, 2019, Issue 1

The micro-politics of organisational change in professional youth football: Towards an understanding of “actions, strategies and professional interests”
Luke Gibson, Ryan Groom

The effects of a nonlinear pedagogy training program in the technical-tactical behaviour of youth futsal players
David Pizarro, Alba Práxedes, Bruno Travassos, Fernando del Villar, Alberto Moreno

The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor accurately measures external workload in junior tennis players
NL Myers, WB Kibler, AH Axtell, TL Uhl

Identification of serve pacing strategies during five-set tennis matches
C Martin, B Bideau, P Touzard, R Kulpa

A simple new method for identifying performance characteristics associated with success in elite tennis
Anna Fitzpatrick, Joseph A Stone, Simon Choppin, John Kelley

Swimming performance index based on extreme value theory
Daniel T Gomes, Lígia Henriques-Rodrigues

The implementation of performance analysis and feedback within Olympic sport: The performance analyst’s perspective
Scott B Nicholls, Nic James, Elizabeth Bryant, Julia Wells

Exploring the skill of recruiting in the Australian Football League
Clare MacMahon, Aisling Bailey, Morag Croser, Juanita Weissensteiner

Which anthropometric and lower body power variables are predictive of professional and amateur playing status in male rugby union players?
Thomas W Jones, Karen Keane, Andrew Smith, Jack Dent, Kevin McShane, Tim Payne, Lewis Williams, Phillip Maguire, Steven J Marshall, Philip Graham-Smith

Using the trajectory of the shuttlecock as a measure of performance accuracy in the badminton short serve
Shayne Vial, Jodie Cochrane, Anthony J. Blazevich, James L. Croft

The influence of coach turnover on student-athletes’ affective states and team dynamics: An exploratory study in collegiate sports
Amber M Shipherd, Joann C Wakefield, Sarah Stokowski, Edson Filho

Workloads placed on adolescent cricket players: A pilot study
Lee Pote, Candice J Christie

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