International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching Volume 11, Issue 2, 2016

ijssc-dsOriginal research

Hired to be fired? Being a coach in Danish professional football
Rasmus Nissen

Commentary: Hired to be fired? Being a coach in Danish professional football
Neil Carter

Original research

Burnout and turnover intentions in Australian coaches as related to organisational support and perceived control
Rachel A Kilo and Peter Hassmén

Experiences of occupational stress and social support in Australian Football League senior coaches
Sophie Knights and Mandy Ruddock-Hudson

Mentally tough athletes are more aware of unsupportive coaching behaviours: Perceptions of coach behaviour, motivational climate, and mental toughness in sport
Adam R Nicholls, Dave Morley, and John L Perry

An insight into track and field coaches’ knowledge and use of sprinting drills to improve performance
Niamh Whelan, Ian C Kenny, and Andrew J Harrison

Influence of experience in procedural knowledge in volleyball: Applications for training
M Perla Moreno Arroyo, Alberto Moreno Domínguez, Alexander Gil Arias, Luis García-González, and Fernando Del Villar Álvarez

GPS comparison of training activities and game demands of professional rugby union
Jason C Tee, Michael I Lambert, and Yoga Coopoo

Anthropometric, speed and endurance characteristics of English academy soccer players: Do they influence obtaining a professional contract at 18 years of age?
Stacey Emmonds, Kevin Till, Ben Jones, Michelle Mellis, and Mathew Pears

Speed control of the V2 skating technique in elite cross-country skiers
Olli Ohtonen, Vesa Linnamo, and Stefan J Lindinger

Wicket taking ability of bowlers
Hermanus H Lemmer

Case study

Morality in sport: The coach’s perspective
Sandra Peláez, Mark Wesley Aulls, and Simon Louis Bacon

Pelvic and trunk mechanics and injury in cricket: A spin bowling case study
Kane Middleton, Daryl Foster, and Jacqueline Alderson

Research note

Career facilitators and obstacles of Australian football development coaches
Andrew Dawson, Talei Dioth, and Paul B Gastin

Flipping the classroom in an undergraduate sports coaching course
Gregory Reddan, Brenton McNally, and Janine Chipperfield


Talent development in sport: A critical review of pathways to expert performance
Patrícia Coutinho, Isabel Mesquita, and António M Fonseca

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