International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 11, 2016. Issue 3

ijssc-dsOriginal research

An investigation of destructive leadership in a Division I intercollegiate athletic department: Follower perceptions and reactions
Shannon Powers, Lawrence W Judge, and Carole Makela

Coaches’ perspectives on teaching life skills to underserved South African children and youth
Meredith A Whitley, E Missy Wright, and Daniel Gould

Seeking new glory (d)haze: A qualitative examination of adventure-based, team orientation rituals as an alternative to traditional sport hazing for athletes and coaches
Jay Johnson and Jessica W Chin

Factors contributing to the retention of Canadian amateur sport officials: Motivations, perceived organizational support, and resilience
Lori A Livingston and Susan L Forbes

Biomechanical predictors of ball velocity during punt kicking in elite rugby league kickers
J Sinclair, P J Taylor, S Atkins, and S J Hobbs

Effects of the intention to hit a disguised backhand drop shot on skilled tennis performance
Takehiro Iwatsuki, Masanori Takahashi, and Judy L Van Raalte

Analysis of positional training loads (ratings of perceived exertion) during various-sided games in European professional soccer players
Adam L Owen, Gordon Dunlop, Mehdi Rouissi, Monoem Haddad, Bruno Mendes, and Karim Chamari

Case studies

Expert Premier League soccer managers’ use of transformational leadership behaviours and attitude towards sport integrity: An intrinsic case study
John P Mills and Ian D Boardley

Career profiles of athlete–coach relationships: Descriptions and interpretations
Elin Sandström, Lukas Linnér, and Natalia Stambulova

Skills trained by coaches of Canadian male volleyball teams: A comparison with long-term athlete development guidelines
Jonathan Chevrier, Martin Roy, Sylvain Turcotte, Diane M Culver, and Sarah Cybulski

The integration of sport science and coaching: A case study of an American junior record holder in the hammer throw
Lawrence W Judge, Mike Judge, David M Bellar, Iain Hunter, Donald L Hoover, and Rhonda Broome

Research notes

Informing priorities for coaching education: Perspectives from youth sport leaders
Tarkington J Newman, Robert M Ortega, Leeann M Lower, and Lauren M Paluta

Stance affects balance in surfers
Chantel C Anthony, Lee E Brown, Jared W Coburn, Andrew J Galpin, and Tai T Tran


Match demands of professional rugby football codes: A review from 2008 to 2015
Luke W Hogarth, Brendan J Burkett, and Mark R McKean

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