International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching Volume 10, Issue 5, October 2015

ijssc-dsUnderstanding the Occupational Stress of Collegiate Track and Field Coaches during the Championship Season
Lawrence W. Judge, Kurt Kirkpatrick, Jocelyn Bolin, Lindsey C. Blom, Shannon Dieringer, David Bellar, Juri Hanin, and Fehmidah Munir

Coaches’ Perceptions and Proposed Solutions for Challenging Behaviors: Implications for Athletes with Hidden Disabilities
Tiffanye M. Vargas, Margaret M. Flores, Robbi Beyer, Marty Block, and Stewart Vella

Relative Age Effects in Welsh Age Grade Rugby Union
Jason Lewis, Kevin Morgan, Stephen-Mark Cooper, Stephen Cobley, and Jim McKenna

An Analysis of Penalty Kicks in Elite Football Post 1997
Kristine Dalton, Michel Guillon, Shehzad A. Naroo, and Ray Stefani

Don’t Think About Your Movements: Effects of Attentional Instructions on Rowing Performance
Linda Schücker, Jan Jedamski, Norbert Hagemann, Hans Vater, Keith Lohse, and Jamie Poolton

Thirst for Drink Knowledge: How Singaporean Youth Athletes Measure Up in an Exercise Hydration Knowledge Questionnaire
Michael Chia, Swarup Mukherjee, Dynelle Huang, Helen Cheng, and Mehis Viru

A Biomechanical Analysis of the Heavy Sprint-Style Sled Pull and Comparison with the Back Squat
Paul W. Winwood, John B. Cronin, Scott R. Brown, Justin W. L. Keogh, Naoki Kawamori, and Harvey Newton

A Biomechanical Analysis of the Strongman Log Lift and Comparison with Weightlifting’s Clean and Jerk
Paul W. Winwood, John B. Cronin, Scott R. Brown, Justin W. L. Keogh, Greg Haff, and Harvey Newton

Effect of Combined Uphill-Downhill Sprint Training on Kinematics and Maximum Running Speed in Experienced Sprinters
Giorgos P. Paradisis, Athanassios Bissas, Carlton B. Cooke, Lee Brown, and Jean Slawinski

Effects of Unstable and Stable Resistance Training on Strength, Power, and Sensorimotor Abilities in Adolescent Surfers
Tai T. Tran, Sophia Nimphius, Lina Lundgren, Josh Secomb, Oliver R.L. Farley, G. Gregory Haff, Robert U. Newton, Lee E. Brown, Jeremy M. Sheppard, Harvey Newton, and Travis Triplet

Associations Between the Performance of Scoring Manoeuvres and Lower-Body Strength and Power in Elite Surfers
Josh L. Secomb, Oliver R.L. Farley, Lina Lundgren, Tai T. Tran, Andy King, Sophia Nimphius, Jeremy M. Sheppard, Rudi Meir, and Travis Triplett

Hypertrophic and Strength Responses to Eccentric Resistance Training with Blood Flow Restriction: A Pilot Study
Zachary K. Pope, Jeffrey M. Willardson, Brad J. Schoenfeld, John D. Emmett, Jill D. Owen, and Jeremy P. Loenneke

Resistance Training for Shoulder Complex Stabilization
Kevin McCurdy and Luzita Vela

Measuring Skill in Rugby Union and Rugby League as Part of the Standard Team Testing Battery
Sharief Hendricks, Michael Lambert, Herman Masimla, Justin Durandt, and Tim Gabbett

Effective Behaviours of Strength and Conditioning Coaches as Perceived by Athletes
Chistoph Szedlak, Matthew J Smith, Melissa C Day, Iain A Greenlees, and Mike Callan

Strength and Conditioning Roundtable: Working with Novice Coaches
Andy Gillham, Michael Doscher, Gary Schofield, Dan Dalrymple, Scott Bird, Harvey Newton, and Travis Triplett

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