International Journal of Sport Finance Volume 10, Issue 1, February 2015

ijsf-dsEditors’ Introduction
Arne Feddersen, Babatunde Buraimo, Joachim Prinz, and Jane Ruseski

Original contributions

Salary Determination in the Presence of Fixed Revenues

David J. Berri, Michael A. Leeds, and Peter von Allmen

Sources of Direct Demand: An Examination of Demand for the Ultimate Fighting Championship
Nicholas M. Watanabe 

Studying the Golden Generations’ Effects and the Changes in the Competitive Balance of the Portuguese Soccer League
Paulo Reis Mourão and Cesar Cima

Reversal of Fortune or Glaring Misallocation: Is a New Football Stadium Worth the Cost to a University?
Joel G. Maxcy and Daniel J. Larson

This Game is Being Played Under Protest
Jason A. Winfree

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