Call for Proposals | “Innovative Approaches to Advance Knowledge of Sport and Leisure Management” | Conceptual Special Issue of Managing Sport and Leisure. Call ends October 16, 2020

Special Issue Editors:

Managing Sport and Leisure (MSL) is pleased to announce this Call for Proposals for papers to be considered for a Conceptual Special Issue of the journal to be published in 2022. Editors of this Special Issue are Dr Terri Byers, University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada and Dr Kostas Alexandris, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Amidst the global pandemic of COVID19, with restrictions on travel, interruptions to data collection activity and broader social distancing and isolation measures in place, there is no better time to dedicate your thoughts to a conceptual paper. Articles for this Conceptual Special Issue are intended to be high-impact scholarly pieces based on extant developments in research literatures from sport and leisure management but should also include mainstream (sociology, management, psychology and related disciplines) literature to enhance our understanding of management in sport and leisure. This Conceptual Issue is open to a wide range of topics that provide an integration of sport and/or leisure management literature, offer a value-added research framework, challenge existing lines of enquiry, frameworks or taken for granted assumptions underpinning scholarly work in the field.

Papers that present innovative perspectives on key contemporary issues in sport and leisure such as diversity (e.g. gender, race, religion, immigration), professional practice (e.g. CSR, managing conflict, marketing, e-sport) and research methods (e.g. network / social media analysis, multi-level analysis, mixed methods, meta-analysis) will be considered.  Papers should also provide directions for future inquiry based on substantive critique that is central to the paper.

Papers should not contain empirical data. Inter-disciplinary and/or multi-level insights on managing sport and/or leisure are encouraged. For guidelines on preparing a conceptual paper see Gilson and Goldberg (2015). Editors’ Comment: So, what is a conceptual paper? Group and Organization Management, 40(2), 127-130. There are many approaches to conceptual writing and authors may also reference other sources which justifies their approach and logic. For instance, DiMaggio (1995), Gioia and Pitre (1990), Shepherd and Challenger (2013) Sutton and Staw (1995) offer advice worthy of consideration.

Submission Instructions

To be considered for the 2022 Conceptual Issue, authors must first submit a brief proposal. Proposals should be 1000-1500 words and provide sample references. References, figures, and tables do not count against the word count. All proposals will be subject to editorial review prior to requesting that they be developed into full papers. Full papers will be sent out for blind review.

Full papers will NOT be considered at the proposal stage.

Proposal submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

      1. Relevance, justification and conceptual value. The proposed manuscript should address a significant and important research area within the managing sport and leisure field. Conceptual value goes beyond summation of literatures; innovations in concepts or methods (ology) are convincing.
      2. Viability. The proposal demonstrates that the paper will be completed within the time frame below.
      3. Organization and Coherence. The proposal follows a logical structure, reads clearly, and thoroughly represents the field of knowledge.
      4. Agenda for Future Research. The proposal conveys relevant implications for future research.

Authors must adhere to a stringent timeline. Relevant dates are as follows:

Oct 16, 2020: Proposal submission due date.
Dec 16, 2020: Final decision on proposal and initial feedback provided to authors.
July 2, 2021: First draft of full paper due.
Oct 9, 2021: End of peer review period, feedback to authors final.
Jan, 2022: Revised (Final) papers submitted.
April/May 2022 – Publication of Conceptual Special Issue, MSL.


Proposals should be submitted as a single file to Terri Byers at The proposal submission file can be either a word document or a PDF and must be named: first author last name. key word(s) (i.e., Byers.innovationorganizations)

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