Call for Participants | Building the data ecosystems around grassroots sports | Webinar, February 22, 2023

LOCATION: Online / Zoom

Data is increasingly becoming a core asset for all organizations. In this session, the CHANGE project dives into the world of data for grassroots sports organizations, to ensure that they are equipped to manage their own data ecosystems.

Drawing on inspiration from the fast-moving environment of technology & data, the webinar’s expert will talk through practical activities that listeners can start implementing. The webinar will also look at the medium-term view of data implications for grassroots sports organizations, especially as the policy & legal landscape continue to change.

Join us on 22 February 2023 at 10:00 CET, as we dive into this world of data ecosystems for the grassroots sport organisations.

The session will be moderated by N3XT Sports, a member of the CHANGE consortium of partners.

The webinar will answer questions such as:

      • What data is important for grassroots sports?
      • Who should be managing the data?
      • What technologies are needed?
      • How can you elevate the digital literacy of the people using & managing the data?
      • How do you ensure data protection is a priority? How can data ecosystems unlock new value for grassroots sports?

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