Call for Article Reviews: Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies

olympikaGraduate students are invited to submit a review of an academic article for the 22nd Volume (2013) of Olympika. Please carefully read the following details for the submission process.


  1. Choose an Article: All articles under review must be on the Olympic and/or Paralympic Games. Additionally, articles in history, sociology, philosophy, sport management, anthropology, and gender/cultural studies will be welcomed as long as the text remains in the Olympic and/or Paralympic sphere. Only scholarly articles written in English will be accepted for review.
    1. The article you are reviewing must not have been previously reviewed in Olympika.
    2. One can visit the LA84 Foundation ( using the search page of the Digital Library Collection to discover if the intended article for review has been previously done. If you wish to verify your proposed article for review, email Michael ( for feedback.
  2. Review process: All reviews must move beyond a simple synopsis of the academic article. Olympika will print reviews that provide an analysis of the main argument, sub-argument(s), and evidence, as well as discuss how the article contributes to the broader literature on the subject. Additionally, reviews that answer the following questions are highly encouraged:
    1. Are the author’s ideas similar or different to those of other authors?
    2. Do the author’s ideas help or hinder his or her argument?
    3. Do you agree with the author’s ideas? Why or why not?
    4. Has the author correctly applied the selected definitions and/or methodology?
    5. What sources does the author use? Are the sources sufficient and reliable?
  3. Style: All submitted reviews must follow the Olympika style guide. You can download the guide here:
  4. Length: Maximum of 1000 words.

Important Submission Dates

  1. Submit the article review to Michael Capobianco ( by October 31.
  2. If revisions are necessary, you will be notified by November 8.
  3. The revised copy must be submitted for print by November 22 to Michael Capobianco (

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Capobianco at Furthermore, for any additional information about Olympika, please visit the homepage:

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