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    Excellent collection of essays that contributes to a well-explored field

    Athlete Activism: Contemporary Perspectives, edited by Rory Magrath (Routledge) examines the phenomenon of athlete activism across all levels of sport, from elite and international sport, to collegiate and semi-pro, and asks what this tells us about the relationship between sport and wider society. Our reviewer Steph Doehler finds that the collection, albeit less international than proclaimed, still expands knowledge in the field – besides being both insightful and thoroughly entertaining.

    “Global Maradona: man, athlete, celebrity, idol, hero, myth” | Special issue of Funes and Eracle

    It is hard to find, in the champions pantheon of the sport history, a person who has experienced the same public consideration as the one for Diego Armando Maradona. Always on the stage, always drawing everyone’s attention, never an ordinary man. The Forum Editor’s choice from this special issue: A hero’s journey: the monomythical narrative of Diego Maradona’s World Cup appearances by Steph Doehler.

    A strong collection of essays on some of sports most compelling figures

    Written by a range of scholarly contributors from multiple disciplines, The Circus Is in Town: Sport, Celebrity, and Spectacle (University Press of Mississippi) contains careful analyses of such megastars as LeBron James, Tonya Harding, David Beckham, Shaquille O’Neal, Maria Sharapova, and Colin Kaepernick. Steph Doehler’s review reveals an entertaining book of great academic value for those interested in sport sociology, and sport communication and journalism.

    Solid collection of essays depicting sport through its significant doubles

    Brittany Reid’s and Taylor McKee’s collected volume Duelism: Confronting Sport Through Its Doubles (Common Ground) curates critical readings from sport scholars across many fields that acknowledge and interrogate the concept of sport by exploring it in connection with its significant doubles, an approach termed “duelism.” Steph Doehler’s reading of the anthology evokes mainly positive reactions, while also indicating that critical comments are called for.

    Taking the star-spangled knee: the media framing of Colin Kaepernick | A summary

    In this feature article, Steph Doehler summarizes her article in Sport in Society, in which she analyses the newspaper coverage of Colin Kaepernick’s protest using the concept of media framing. She identifies four key frames which can be scrutinized and understood using the theoretical framework of the protest paradigm. In an innovative approach the research also analyses the coverage of Kaepernick in 2020, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a police officer.

    Engaging and well researched analysis of sport and power in American culture

    In the US, sports are sold as an oasis of community to a nation deeply divided. In his 2019 book The Power of Sports: Media and Spectacle in American Culture (New York University Press), Michael Serazio, a member of the Department of Communication at Boston College and an award-winning journalist, maps and critiques the cultural production of today’s lucrative, ubiquitous sports landscape. Our reviewer is Steph Doehler, and she finds his work both readable and important.
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