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    REMINDER | Vacancies | PhD studentships in Sports Science specialising in the Humanities and Social Sciences @ Malmö University | Apply before January 16, 2022

    The focus of postgraduate education in sport sciences specializing on social sciences and the humanities lies on the various forms of sport and on their past, present and future importance to society. The education program comprises a range of areas from competitive, recreational and experience sports to sport as a school subject including outdoor education, physical recreation and ecological sustainability.

    Call for Papers | “Rethinking Sport and Social Issues”, Special Issue of Social Sciences | Call ends September 1, 2022

    This special issue aims to bring together interdisciplinary discussions and analyses on contemporary sport, its transforming nature, and social issues connected to our way of understanding both sport and broader social life. With “rethinking sport” we want to emphasize the everchanging nature of sport. The issue welcomes contributions from a wide variety of perspectives including sociology, sport science, social work, cultural studies, gender studies, pedagogy, and more.

    Call for Papers | “Understanding Socio-Cultural Effects of Mega-Events on Host Communities: Key Findings, Challenges, and Opportunities”, Special Issue of Social Sciences. Call ends August 8, 2021

    The rationale for this Special Issue is to contribute to knowledge with a collection of papers on socio-cultural outcomes and impacts as effects of mega-events on host communities from a multidisciplinary perspective. We will explore the methodological and conceptual challenges such work poses, and showcase opportunities and efforts for mitigating the unsustainable aspects of mega-event policies and practices.