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    The Opinion of the Residents of St. Petersburg About Sports Mega-Events

    This feature article by Mikhail V. Sinyutin, Alexander V. Tavrovsky and Aleksandr S. Gonashvili, St. Petersburg University, presents the results of a sociological study of the attitude of St. Petersburg residents to sports mega-events. The key theoretical provisions of the article are substantiated by the sociological approach to the sport. Empirical data were obtained through a telephone survey.

    Russian Perceptions of Doping Issues: A sociological study

    Recently, criticism against Russian athletes regarding the practices of performance-enhancing drugs (PED) usage, i.e. doping, appeared in international sports institutions. This led a group of sport scholars led by Professor Mikhail Sinyutin to launch a study of the attitudes towards doping in sport among the citizens of Saint Petersburg, Russia.
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