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    A fierce critique hitting wider than intended (?), but not as hard

    Helen Jefferson Lenskyj, Professor Emerita at University of Toronto, is an avid critic of various aspects of sports, including its gender and sexual politics, and the Olympic Games. Her latest book is Gender, Athletes’ Rights, and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Emerald Publishing). Since it’s a book about law written by a sociologist, we asked a legal scholar, Mikael Hansson of University of Gothenburg, for a review.

    New international law book series with great potential – unfortunately, the first title falls slightly short

    Ian S. Blackshaw, renowned and productive expert on sports law, is first out in a new series from Asser, “Short Studies in International Law”. His effort, International Sports Law: An Introductory Guide did not quite meet Mikael Hansson’s expectations – our reviewer found too many outdated assertions and references, too much recycled material, poorly edited.
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