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    The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 38, 2021, Issue 4 | Regional Issue: Americas

    The International Journal of the History of Sport is the world’s leading sport history academic periodical with fully-refereed global coverage of the subject. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Recorde: Revista de História do Esporte – An Overview of Its Publications (2008–2020) by Letícia Cristina Lima Moraes, Leonardo do Couto Gomes & Wanderley Marchi Júnior.

    Sports’ relation to other forms of leisure investigated with an impressive variety of historical methods and sources

    Two special issues of Sport in History has been converted into a single 14 chapters volume by the editors Dion Georgiou and Benjamin Litherland: Sport’s Relationship with Other Leisure Industries: Historical Perspectives (Routledge). Our reviewer is Anne Tjønndal, and she offers a comprehensive overview of the collection, which, though it might be better for some to read a few individual chapters, as a whole represents an accomplishment in sport history scholarship.

    Leisure/Loisir, Volume 44, 2020, Issue 4

    Leisure / Loisir strives to publish a diverse collection of scholarly papers in all areas of leisure, recreation, arts, parks, sport, and travel and tourism. Reflecting the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of these areas of study. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: CLIMBING DUMBARTON ROCK: AN EXPLORATION OF CLIMBERS’ EXPERIENCES ON SPORT AND HERITAGE FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF EXISTENTIAL AUTHENTICITY by Yingying Zhang & Matthew L. McDowell.

    Excellent thesis that helps us understand the ways in which sport continues to be recontextualized

    In July 2012, Shannon Rose Smith earned the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Queen’s University with her thesis Marked Men: Sport and Masculinity in Victorian Popular Culture, 1866-1904. We stumbled across Matthew L. McDowell’s review, originally published online in 2013, and decided to reprint. This unpublished dissertation is obviously worth to be more widely known and read.

    Journal of Sport History, Volume 44, 2017, Number 3

    The Journal of Sport History is published three times a year by the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH). The purpose of NASSH is to promote, stimulate, and encourage study and research and writing of the history of sport, and to support and cooperate with local, national, and international organizations having the same purposes.

    A remastering of European football’s “greatest hits”, albeit with some original approaches

    In our ambition to cover the whole book series ”Football Research in an Enlarged Europe”, we asked Matthew L. McDowell for a review of the 2015 edited volume European Football and Collective Memory by Wolfram Pyta & Nils Havemann (Palgrave Macmillan). Our reviewer finds an uneven collection that’s still relevant for analyses of European football and for football as a metaphor for the European project.

    Needs more methodology and more sports history to live up to its title

    The anthology «Methodology in Sports History», edited by Wray Vamplew and Dave Day (Routledge) seemed to be just what the supervisor ordered for a Ph.D. student at a crucial point in the dissertation process. For our reviewer Robert Svensson, however, it was somewhat of a disappointment. The book confuses method with methodology, and deals more with history in general than with sport history.

    The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 34, 2017, Issue 5–6 | Aspiration and Reflection: Sport Historians on Sport History

    The International Journal of the History of Sport is the world’s leading sport history academic periodical with fully-refereed global coverage of the subject. As well as regular issues, the IJHS also offers regionally-focused issues on the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, and special issues each year on significant topics and themes.

    Är idrottshistorikerns problem ett alltför stort idrottsintresse?

    Konflikten mellan sub-disciplinen idrottshistoria och moderämnet historia blommar ut för fullt i antologin New Directions in Sport History, redigerad av Duncan Stone, John Hughson och Rob Ellis (Routledge). Jens Ljunggren hittar trots bidragens skiftande kvalitet viktiga framåtsyftande tankegångar.

    Imponerande studie av den tidiga fotbollens skotska historia

    Torbjörn Andersson möter i sitt senaste recensionsuppdrag en själsfrände, i form av den skotske fotbollsforskaren Matt McDowell. Boken som den senare har skrivit och den förre recenserar är A Cultural History of Association Football in Scotland, 1865-1902: Understanding Sports as a Way of Understanding Society
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