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    Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Volume 12, 2021

    SSSF, a multidisciplinary social sciences sport studies journal, welcomes articles that deal with sport and social change and social stability in a wide sense, articles about the profound and comprehensive processes affecting sport. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: “I bow down in awe of them…”: Sports awards for Paralympic athletes and Olympic athletes by Marte Bentzen & Kristin Vindhol Evensen.

    Swedish soccer coaches’ experiences and application of physical training in male elite soccer: A qualitative content analysis study

    In this peer review article for Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Jonas Larsson and colleagues report on a study describing coaches’ experiences and their application of physical training in male elite soccer. The design of the study was explorative and based on a qualitative content analysis with an abductive approach. Fifteen elite soccer coaches in Sweden were interviewed. The result showed that physical training in male elite soccer is an ongoing, continuously improving process.

    Malmö Youth Sport Study: A longitudinal study of a secondary school in Malmö, Sweden, specializing in physical activity and sports

    This is a presentation of the longitudinal and multidisciplinary research program Malmö Youth Sport Study (MYSS). The aims, methods, empirical materials and theoretical basis are introduced. The study asks questions related to the role of physical activity and sports to promote an active lifestyle and to foster elite athletes.
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