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    Sports as soft power politics and media entertainment

    Richard Arnold’s collected volume Russia and the 2018 FIFA World Cup (Routledge) brings together leading scholars working in Russian studies, sociology and political science to analyse the 2018 World Cup and assess its significance for sport, Russia and the world. Our reviewer Kristian Gerner finds that the anthology gives a readable and informative account of the role of sports in Russian society. The soft power potential of sports rests not, however, with President Putin but with Pussy Riot and the young, educated generation, sports fans included.

    A well-researched and highly readable story of the role that sports played in American Cold War diplomacy

    In Toby C. Rider’s and Kevin B. Witherspoon’s edited volume Defending the American Way of Life: Sport, Culture, and the Cold War (The University of Arkansas Press), leading sport historians present new perspectives on high-profile issues in this era of sport history. Kristian Gerner, professor of history at Lund University, is our knowledgeable reviewer, and he highlights the role played by African Americans, internationally as well as in the domestic civil rights movement.

    Concise and very condensed encyclopedia of sport in international relations

    Stuart Murray’s new book Sports Diplomacy: Origins, Theory and Practice (Routledge) is an ambitious attempt to create a new sub-discipline in international history by writing 7000 years of sport history from a diplomacy perspective. Our reviewer is renowned history professor Kristian Gerner, and he is intrigued, overwhelmed, appreciative and exhausted.

    A thought-provoking narration about sport as a substitute for war

    Japanese Imperialism: Politics and Sport in East Asia: Rejection, Resentment, Revanchism examines the legacies of Japanese imperialism in light of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The anthology is edited by J.A. Mangan, Peter Horton, Tianwei Ren and Gwang Ok and published by Palgrave. Professor Kristian Gerner sees this as a fine example of history writing that takes moral issues seriously.

    Väl underbyggd historieskrivning om idrott och politik under kalla kriget

    De olympiska spelen blev en arena för propagandakraftmätningar under kalla kriget. Om detta skriver Toby C. Rider i Cold War Games: Propaganda, the Olympics, and U.S. Foreign Policy (University of Illinois Press). Vår kunnige recensent Kristian Gerner fick uppleva kalla kriget på mikronivå vid läsningen av Riders detaljrika framställning.
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