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    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Sport: A review of two books

    Cognitive behaviour therapy in sport is all the rage, as witnessed by two recent publications from Routledge: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Sport and Performance: An Applied Practice Guide by Paul McCarthy, Sahen Gupta & Lindsey Burns, and Applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Approaches in Sport edited by Martin J. Turner, Marc V. Jones & Andrew G. Wood. Stuart Carrington’s knowledgeable review guides us through the complexities of the issue.

    Book announcement | The Psychology of Soccer, by Joseph Dixon, Jamie B Barker, Richard C Thelwell and Ian Mitchell

    This book uses contemporary theory and research to elucidate key concepts and applied interventions. It includes world-leading expert commentaries of contemporary theoretical and applied approaches in understanding critical issues in soccer, and provides practical implications and insights into working effectively in soccer-related contexts. It will be a vital resource for researchers, practitioners, and coaches within the area of sport psychology and related disciplines.