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    Call for Papers | Sociolinguistic Dynamics in Sport, an International Conference | Siena, Italy, November 15–17, 2018. Call ends July 22, 2018

    Sport promotes a shared sense of belonging and participation and may therefore also be an important tool for the integration of immigrants. The link between language and sport is, therefore, a very interesting issue which pushes one unto reflecting about identitarian expressions and to rethink integration of immigrants and all citizens.

    Call for Papers | “Sport, Dictatorship and Fascism” | International Conference, June 20–21 2017, Lisbon, Portugal. Call ends April 30, 2017

    The Institute for Contemporary History at University Nova of Lisbon is organizing a conference dedicated to the relationship between sport, dictatorship and fascism in 20th century southern Europe. The common Catholic matrix, the authoritarian past and the intense cultural relations of Italy, Spain and Portugal makes an interesting case study.

    Extended deadline: ESA-konferensen 2013, Research Network 28, Society and Sport

    RN28 Society and Sports  The Esa Research Network 28 ‘Society and Sports’ aims at strengthening the visibility and legitimacy of the sociology of sport within the European sociological community. As such, the Esa conference in Turin 2013 will offer, besides the regular stand alone sessions, a broad range of joint sessions in which the sociologists of sport can discuss and exchange their knowledge with colleagues...
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