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    Call for Papers | “Family events: Practices, intimacies and displays” | Routledge’s ‘Critical Event Studies’ Series. Call ends December 2, 2019

    This book aims to bring together contributions from scholars globally from a number of academic fields, including event studies, sociology, cultural studies, geography, sport and leisure, tourism, among others, which focus on a variety of different event contexts. It will also aim to capture the diversity of family forms (e.g., lone-parent, reconstituted, gay/non-traditional) which hitherto are rarely considered within a single volume.

    Call for Papers | Edited volume on Critical Event Studie (CES) | Call ends December 15, 2017

    The aim of the edited collection is to bring together academics who, from a global and multi-disciplinary approach, are researching events and placing them within the context of Turner's theories of Ritual, Flow, Liminality and Performance, to conceptually explore the relationship between events and Turner's work while not avoiding a prescription of application.
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