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    The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 36, 2019, Issue 15–16

    The International Journal of the History of Sport is the world’s leading sport history academic periodical with fully-refereed global coverage of the subject. Editor’s pick from the current issue: HOW ABOUT SOME MUSCLE? CHARLES H. MCCLOY’S CONTRIBUTIONS TO PHYSICAL EDUCATION IN CHINA BETWEEN 1913 AND 1926 by Patricia Vertinsky, Aishwarya Ramachandran & Bo Wang.

    Journal of Sport History, Volume 44, 2017, Number 1

    The Journal of Sport History is published three times a year by the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH). The purpose of NASSH is to promote, stimulate, and encourage study and research and writing of the history of sport, and to support and cooperate with local, national, and international organizations having the same purposes.
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