Sport management-konferensen i Aalborg: Book of abstracts

The Utzon Center will host the EASM 2012 Opening ceremony on Tuesday 18 September. Photo: Jens Morten/Utzon Center.

Den tjugonde EASM-konferensen pågår mellan den 18 och 21 september, vilket vi informerade om i våras. För alla oss som inte kan vara där finns nu en lösning:

The abstract book for the 20th EASM Conference in Aalborg, Denmark on the 18 – 21 September 2012 is now available for download aswell as the EASM 2012 Conference Guide and the Master Student Seminar programme.

Prior to the conference 274 abstracts were received for assessment for the workshops, NRA, theme sessions and posters. At EASM 2012 delegates can therefore experience more than 200 scientific presentations covering 24 themes, along with special Play the Game symposia and a range of distinguished keynote speakers.

You can download the full abstract book here

All delegates for EASM 2012 will receive a USB-key with the book of abstracts with their delegate kits and printed editions of the Abstract Book can be purchased for 200 DKK (in cash) at the registration desk in the conference venue.

400 delegates have already signed up for various conference events in Aalborg and more delegates are still to come.

See the preliminary programme for EASM 2012 here (updated 13 September)

The Master Student Seminar running from 14-17 September 2012 presents a programme filled with scientific and social content evolving around sport management.

See the programme for the EASM Master Student Seminar here (uploaded 14 September)

The EASM Conference Guide is now available for download. The guide offers you the complete overview of the conference and its activities.

See the EASM 2012 Conference Guide here (uploaded 14 September)

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