Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 27, November 2016

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A prospective multilevel examination of the relationship between cohesion and team performance in elite youth sport
Original Research Article Pages 39-46
Alex J. Benson, Pavol Šiška, Mark Eys, Silvia Priklerová, Pavel Slepička

Contesting orientations, self-determined motivation, and sportspersonship: Further validation of the contesting orientations scale
Original Research Article Pages 66-77
Christopher D. Funk, David Light Shields, Brenda Light Bredemeier

Within- and between-person predictors of disordered eating attitudes among male and female dancers: Findings from the UK Centres for Advanced Training
Original Research Article Pages 101-111
Sanna M. Nordin-Bates, Johanna F.A. Schwarz, Eleanor Quested, Jennifer Cumming, Imogen J. Aujla, Emma Redding

Narrative and discursive perspectives on athletic identity: Past, present, and future
Review Article Pages 128-137
Noora J. Ronkainen, Anna Kavoura, Tatiana V. Ryba

Anxiety and motor performance: More evidence for the effectiveness of holistic process goals as a solution to the process goal paradox
Original Research Article Pages 142-149
Richard Mullen, Eleri Sian Jones, Samuel Oliver, Lew Hardy

Reversal theory-based sport and exercise research: A systematic/narrative review
Original Research Article Pages 168-179
Joanne Hudson, Jonathan R. Males, John H. Kerr

A review of competitive sport motivation research
Review Article Pages 232-242
Rachel B. Clancy, Matthew P. Herring, Tadhg Eoghan MacIntyre, Mark J. Campbell

Sport Psychology

Focusing attention on circular pedaling reduces movement economy in cycling
Original Research Article Pages 9-17
L. Schücker, M. Fleddermann, M. de Lussanet, J. Elischer, C. Böhmer, K. Zentgraf

Cognitive mediation of putting: Use of a think-aloud measure and implications for studies of golf-putting in the laboratory
Original Research Article Pages 18-27
Güler Arsal, David W. Eccles, K. Anders Ericsson

Exploring emotions as social phenomena among Canadian varsity athletes
Original Research Article Pages 28-38
Katherine A. Tamminen, Tess M. Palmateer, Michael Denton, Catherine Sabiston, Peter R.E. Crocker, Mark Eys, Brett Smith

The applicability of self-regulation theories in sport: Goal adjustment capacities, stress appraisals, coping, and well-being among athletes
Original Research Article Pages 47-55
Adam R. Nicholls, Andrew R. Levy, Fraser Carson, Mark A. Thompson, John L. Perry

Exploring athletes’ perceptions of the relationship between mental toughness and dispositional flow in sport
Original Research Article Pages 56-65
Patricia C. Jackman, Christian Swann, Lee Crust

Achievement motive and sport participation
Original Research Article Pages 93-100
Peter Gröpel, Mirko Wegner, Julia Schüler

Representative design: Does the addition of a defender change the execution of a basketball shot?
Original Research Article Pages 112-119
Adam D. Gorman, Michael A. Maloney

A multi-sample investigation of the higher-order latent dimensionality of the Sport-Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale-2
Original Research Article Pages 150-156
John G.H. Dunn, John K. Gotwals, Janice Causgrove Dunn, Anne-Marie Selzler, Michael R. Lizmore, Matthew Vaartstra, Klaudia M. Sapieja, Vania E. Gamache

On-court position and handedness in visual anticipation of stroke direction in tennis
Original Research Article Pages 195-204
Florian Loffing, Florian Sölter, Norbert Hagemann, Bernd Strauss

“Look around while running!” Attentional focus effects in inexperienced runners
Original Research Article Pages 205-212
Linda Schücker, Lena Schmeing, Norbert Hagemann

Testing contesting theory: Conceptual metaphors and prosocial behavior
Original Research Article Pages 213-221
David Light Shields, Christopher D. Funk, Brenda Light Bredemeier

Female adolescent soccer players’ perceived motivational climate, goal orientations, and mindful engagement
Original Research Article Pages 222-231
Susumu Iwasaki, Mary D. Fry

Exercise Psychology

Affective and cognitive predictors of affective response to exercise: Examining unique and overlapping variance
Original Research Article Pages 1-8
Margarita Sala, Austin S. Baldwin, David M. Williams

Cycling outdoors facilitates external thoughts and endurance
Original Research Article Pages 78-84
Agne Slapsinskaite, Sergi García, Selen Razon, Natàlia Balagué, Robert Hristovski, Gershon Tenenbaum

Viewing exercise goal content through a person-oriented lens: A self-determination perspective
Original Research Article Pages 85-92
Magnus Lindwall, Karin Weman-Josefsson, Simon J. Sebire, Martyn Standage

Comparing the body to superior others: Associations with daily exercise and body evaluation in men and women
Original Research Article Pages 120-127
Eva Pila, Meaghan A. Barlow, Carsten Wrosch, Catherine M. Sabiston

Exercise training and health-related quality of life in generalized anxiety disorder
Pages 138-141
Matthew P. Herring, Kristen E. Johnson, Patrick J. O’Connor

Surviving the 2015 Mount Everest disaster: A phenomenological exploration into lived experience and the role of mental toughness
Original Research Article Pages 157-167
Christian Swann, Lee Crust, Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

English validation of the short form of the Physical Self-Inventory (PSI-S)
Original Research Article Pages 180-194
Alexandre J.S. Morin, Christophe Maïano, Rhiannon Lee White, Katherine B. Owen, Danielle Tracey, Nicolas Mascret, Chris Lonsdale

Are action planning and physical activity mediators of the intention-habit relationship?
Original Research Article Pages 243-251
Rob J.H. van Bree, Aart N. Mudde, Catherine Bolman, Maartje M. van Stralen, Denise A. Peels, Hein de Vries, Lilian Lechner

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