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    Call for Papers | 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association | Research Network ’Society and Sports’ | August 29–September 1 2017, Athens, Greece

    In our sessions, we will discuss the role of sport in promoting health and stimulating integration and cohesion, and questions whether sport can and/or should be used in- strumentally in strategies of social engineering. Sport is central to contemporary society; our sessions are critical spaces to consider how and why.

    Extended deadline: ESA-konferensen 2013, Research Network 28, Society and Sport

    RN28 Society and Sports  The Esa Research Network 28 ‘Society and Sports’ aims at strengthening the visibility and legitimacy of the sociology of sport within the European sociological community. As such, the Esa conference in Turin 2013 will offer, besides the regular stand alone sessions, a broad range of joint sessions in which the sociologists of sport can discuss and exchange their knowledge with colleagues...
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