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    Call for Papers | British Autoethnography Conference 2019 | Bristol, UK, July 22–23 2019. Call ends June 1, 2019

    The 2019 British Autoethnography conference provides an inter-disciplinary space to explore different ways we come to know, understand and communicate. We hope novice and neophyte researchers will be supported to develop their practice alongside more experienced practitioners and we hope each of us is able to inspire, challenge, nurture each other while witnessing and responding to our presentations and performances. 

    Call for Papers | Reimagining Experience | The 5th British International Autoethnography Conference, Bristol July 23–24, 2018. Call ends June 1, 2018

    “Reimagining experience” provides an inter/cross disciplinary platform to explore different ways we come to know, understand, collaborate and communicate autoethnographic research. We have a large number of sessions/slots for presenters to exhibit/present their work, however, this number is not unlimited and when the timetable is full the conference submission will close.

    Sport History Review Volume 44, Issue 1, May 2013

    Special Issue: Autoethnography, Autobiography, and Sport History Megan L. Popovic and Russell Field, Guest Editors Cultivating Communitas: Autoethnography, Reflexivity, and New Directions for Sport History Megan L. Popovic What Should I Reveal?: Expanding Researcher Reflexivity in Ethnographic Research Janelle Joseph The Gender Game: Rewriting the Rules of Basketball Through Autoethnography Shellie McParland A History of the Hooters: Basketball, Newfoundland Religious Schools, and the NBA at the Turn...
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