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niklas2Niklas Hafen

Niklas Hafen is a PhD-student at the Department of Sport Sciences. His doctoral thesis targets the use of sport as a means to initiate social change throughout the world. Hafen has carried out research on development projects where sport has been used as a means to educate young people about HIV/AIDS and increase gender-awareness in South Africa, and to reconcile countries in conflict (e.g. FYR Macedonia and Moldova).

susanna-hedenborgSusanna Hedenborg

Susanna Hedenborg is professor of sport studies at Malmö University, Sweden. Her research focuses on sport history as well as on issues of gender and age. Currently she is working with the international history of equestrian sports, addressing the interchangeable influences of gender, age and nationality. She is the author of several books and articles in peer reviewed journals.

Aage Radmann 11Aage Radmann

Aage Radmann is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sport Sciences, Malmö University, Sweden. Aage is a social scientist and his main research interests are within sociology of sport, sport and media, football culture and hooliganism. His research is inspired both from traditional sociology and theories about the new media context. He uses the football landscape as a prism to understand the interplay between individuals (e.g. hooligans), groups (football firms vs. police forces), and on a structural level (media and identity). His latest publications are “The Structure of Sport Violence” – (Idrottsvåldets karaktär, 2012) for the Swedish National Inquiry in Sport and Violence, SOU 2012:23, p 235-304, and “The New Media and Hooliganism” (2012), in We love to hate each other. Mediated Football Fan culture, Krövel & Roksvold (eds.), Gothenburg, Sweden: Nordicom.

VeronicaVeronica Sjöholm

Veronica Sjöholm is a Bachelor student in Sport Management at the Department of Sport Science, Malmö University. With an internship at the ECSS Malmö 2015 Congress she is active on social media and working close together with the organization as a media assistant. She has been studying media and communications, Lund University, as well as equine science, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, before she came to Malmö.


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