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Call for Papers | 20th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, ECSS | Malmö, Sweden, 24th–27th of June, 2015

The 20th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, ECSS, 24th–27th of June, 2015, will be hosted by Malmö University and Lund University, Sweden, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and will be held I Malmö. The overall Congress theme is

Sustainable Sport

Annual congresses have been organized since the inauguration of the ECSS in 1995. Today the ECSS congresses rank among the leading sport scientific congresses worldwide. The ECSS congress is the largest multidisciplinary congress in sport science, covering all major sectors of sport studies and sport science: Biomechanics & Neuromuscular, Physiology & Sport Medicine, and Social Science & Humanities. Admittedly, the latter sector has so far been seriously underrepresented, and the stated endeavor of the local organizers of the ECSS Congress 2015 in Malmö is to increase the number of sessions and presentations – of all kinds – within Social Science & Humanities.

The congress comprises a range of keynote speakers, invited lecturers, multi- and mono-disciplinary symposia as well as tutorial lecturers and Socratic debates. The ECSS congress is attended by international sport scientists with an academic career. The ECSS congresses now welcome up to 3000 participants from all over the world.

On behalf of the Department of Sport Sciences, Malmö University, the Department of Health Sciences, Lund University, and the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports (NEXS), University of Copenhagen, it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 20th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science. The Abstract Submission is open, and abstract submission is free of charge. The deadline to submit your abstract is the 15th of February 2015. After undergoing the review process, all authors will be informed about the acceptance of their submission on the 1st of April 2015. Presenting authors must have paid their registration fees by the 1st of May 2015 at the latest to secure the presentation during the congress and the publication in the Book of Abstracts.

Details of the invited program and information on the city of Malmö can be found on the congress website of ECSS Malmö 2015.

For more information, please download the second announcement, visit the congress website and watch the promotional video. Check out the ECSS 2015 Malmö blog! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Flickr.

Come and join us in Malmö to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ECSS!

Susanna Hedenborg and Aage Radmann
, Congress Presidents

Marco Narici
, ECSS President

Invited Session: Internet of Sports – Augmenting Sports Technology for Performance and Pleasure

Post by Andreas Jacobsson.

Pilst by Andreas Jacobsson.

The local organizers of the ECSS Congress 2015 in Malmö will endeavour to increase the number of sessions and presentations – of all kinds – within the Social Sciences & Humanities area. To that end we will utilize the blog to present some of the sessions, and later presentations, in this particular area.

The emerging technologies and infrastructures of connected devices and ubiquitous computing, commonly referred to as the Internet of Things, holds great potential for transforming sports practices: for competitive as well as recreational sports; for athletes as well as audiences; for performance as well as pleasure.

The sports technology marketplace is brimming with new, digitally enhanced products, mostly combining biometric monitoring with social media to support improved training regimes for affluent amateurs in endurance and precision sports. However, there is a wealth of possibilities waiting to be discovered at the intersection of state-of-the-art research in biomechanics and physiology within sport science, data analysis and machine learning within computer science, and embodied interaction and experience design within interaction design. This amounts to the formation of an inherently interdisciplinary research area.

Top left to botton right: Stina Nylander, Ulf Johansson, Anders Dahlbom, Joe Marshall.

Top left to bottom right: Stina Nylander, Ulf Johansson, Anders Dahlbom, Joe Marshall.

The proposed invited session pulls together three presentations from cutting edge work in this area. What they all have in common is a fascination for the dynamic interplay between human practices and technological developments, leading to explorative research approaches where innovative technology evolves in parallel with forms of training and other sports practices. The presentations are:

  1. Internet of Sports Applications
    Dr. Stina Nylander, Mobile Life Vinn Excellence Center, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden
  2. Sport Analytics in Golf
    Dr. Ulf Johansson, University of Borås, Sweden
    Dr. Anders Dahlbom, University of Skövde, Sweden
  3. Interaction in Motion
    Dr. Joe Marshall, Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham, UK

Contact persons for this session are:

Professor Jonas Löwgren and Dr. Andreas Jacobsson
Internet of Things and People Research Center
Malmö University

Invited Session: Urban Sport Landscape


Post by Karin Book.

The local organizers of the ECSS Congress 2015 in Malmö will endeavour to increase the number of sessions and presentations – of all kinds – within the Social Sciences & Humanities area. To that end we will utilize the blog to present some of the sessions, and later presentations, in this area.

Sport takes place – in huge purpose-built arenas, in sports grounds, sports halls, squares, parks, from one wall to another and in the fitness centre. Or, it doesn’t take place due to spatial deficits. The urban landscape and urban planning trends effect the opportunities for sports and physical activities, as well as the other way around; sport and activity trends effect the way the urban sport landscape develops. Sport should be understood in its widest sense. In this session the Urban Sport Landscape will be discussed from several different perspectives, from two perspectives:

The global sport landscapes in an urban context: spectacularisation of sports arenas, the popularity of sports events and the arena development linked to this, sense of place versus global sport trends, urban development effects of arena investments, etc.

The everyday sport landscapes in an urban context: the spatial opportunities and trends of everyday physical activity and sport. Included in this is active transports, the importance of green spaces, trends like skate boarding and parkour using the urban landscape in new ways, spatial aspects of the running trend, urban development effects of investments in everyday sport structures, etc.

Chair: Bo Carlsson, Professor, Department of sport sciences, Malmö University


Hans Westerbeek and Larissa Davies.

Invited speakers:

  • Sport and ‘Glocal’ Urbanisation. Looking for Novel Sport Markets
    Hans Westerbeek, Professor of Sport Business, Dean, College of Sport and Exercise Science and the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living, Victoria University
  • Who’s legacy? The urban development effects of investment in sports infrastructure
    Dr Larissa Davies, Reader in Sport Management, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Planning for activity – Linking physical activity trends and urban development trends
    Dr Karin Book, Senior lecturer in sport sciences, Malmö University

Excited to experience the best of Scandinavia – preparations are full on


Post by Tuulia Hokkanen

The headquarters of the European College of Sport Science together with the technical team visited the host city of the 20th annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science.

It is stunning to see how much the city of Malmö has developed in the past few years! The first time the ECSS Office visited Malmö was 2010 and at that time the Clarion Hotel and Congress Malmö Live was just a dream on paper. Now in November 2014 you can already recognize the huge construction when stepping outside from the Central Station. The congress venue really is centrally located!

ECSS office and the technical team at Turning Torso, Malmö.

ECSS office and the technical team at Turning Torso, Malmö.

During this three-day-trip to Malmö the ECSS Office met a lot of people from the local hosting team. The invited programme is already available on the congress website and the congress programme as a whole will be available 1st of April next year. The social programme is now finalized, demonstrating the diversity of Malmö as well as Swedish traditions. The city of Malmö will showcase the best of Scandinavia to the participants of the 20th annual congress of the ECSS.

Malmö by bike.

Malmö by bike – and day.

At the Malmö Live the construction of the buildings has been remarkable! Now it was already possible to locate session rooms and reception accurately and it was necessary to get the feeling of the space that was available for us. We almost could imagine the plus 2.500 ECSS congress participants walking through the hallways and mingling in the exhibition areas.

Working on a building...

Working on a building…

The congress presidents Susanna Hedenborg and Aage Radmann were terrific guides for the ECSS Office and we got to experience Malmö at its best! Even though the weather was a bit cloudy and rainy, bikes still were the best option to get around the city. Malmö is full of amazing restaurants and pubs. Especially the Little Square (Lilla Torget) will be an amazing place to hang out in the summer and enjoy the unique Swedish atmosphere, hospitality and culinary treats.

Carefully considering the whole situation.

Carefully considering the whole situation.

Malmö is a great city. It has something to offer for everyone and especially as a sport enthusiastic it provides countless opportunities to exercise and enjoy physical activity. There are many parks in the city area, which give a great opportunity for a calm morning run. In addition, all the water sports and skateboarding are extremely popular. Still in November the salty sea provided a great platform for a morning dip – with or without sauna.

The congress party of the 20th annual congress will be a night to remember! Keep your eyes open and follow us on twitter to get the first hand information about the location! It will be announced early next year.

Getting an eyeful of Malmö dockside development.

Getting an eyeful of Malmö dockside development.

We are looking forward to the 20th anniversary congress of the ECSS and are hoping to see you all there!

Please find more images of Malmö from our Flickr account and visit the congress website for more information.

Tuulia Hokkanen
Communication and Media Manager, ECSS