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Oral presentation on “Biomechanics” in a mixed session

Florentina Hettinga & Vesa Linnamo

Florentina Hettinga & Vesa Linnamo

We would like to welcome you to a varied session on biomechanics. On the last day of the ECSS conference the session, chaired by Florentina Hettinga (University of Essex) and Vesa Linnamo (University of Jyvaskyla), will nicely demonstrate how biomechanical studies can be crucial to exploring relevant topics in Sports Science. Topics such as pacing behaviour (Schoenmakers et al), energy cost of stair climbing (Halder et al) and motor unit recruitment after muscle damage (MacGregor) will be discussed.

The first speaker is Patrick Schoenmakers (University of Essex) who will determine the relation between mechanical power output and velocity of the Velotron cycling ergometer. As this relationship is non-linear in actual outdoor time trial performance and affects the choice of the optimal pacing strategy, it is important to incorporate this aspect in time-trial studies exploring pacing behaviour. The second speaker is Amitava Halder (Lund University). The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of muscle activity to the oxygen uptake and the development of leg muscle fatigue from real stair climbing activities. Which is particularly relevant in the context of studying emergency situations, where many flights of stairs might need to be covered. The third and last speaker is Lewis MacGregor (University of Stirling). The final lecture of this session will explore exercise-induced muscle damage, associated with unaccustomed exercise and eccentric muscle contractions, which will potentially affect motor unit recruitment strategies.

The plenary session [OP-BN09] Biomechanics – Mixed session will start 10:20 Saturday 27th June in Lecture room “Live 8”

Post by Florentina J Hettinga
University of Essex, United Kingdom

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