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The congress has officially been opened!

Welcome all delegates to the 20th European College of Sport Science Congress in Malmö. We hope that you will enjoy your stay in Malmö and that you find the program of ECSS enjoyable.

Yesterday we started of with a few Satellite symposia and Workshops, rooms were crowded and the response was great. We hope you found it as thrilling as we did.

At 10:00 we had a press conference with the two Congress Presidents Aage Radmann and Susanna Hedenborg, the President of ECSS Marco Narici, Chairman of the Center for Sports Research Per Nilsson, CEO & General Manager of Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live Jens Lyckman, Director of Tourism – City of Malmö Johan Hermansson and as moderator Professor Gisela Sjøgaard. Meanwhile, the venue was starting to fill up and the exhibition area was opened.

Press conference


1After lunch the invited sessions, oral and mini-oral presentations started and yet again the rooms were packed. A lot of interesting topics were discussed and plenty of questions were being asked so all the great speakers had to be on their toes, which led to very good discussions.

Our volunteers are doing a fantastic job!

Our volunteers are doing a fantastic job!

In the amazing lecture room High Live 1 the Bengt Saltin tribute symposium has held to honor Bengt Saltin who very sadly past away last year. We had speakers who talked very nicely about Bengt Saltin as a person and also about some of his admirable researches.

Bengt Saltin Tribute Symposium

Bengt Saltin Tribute Symposium

The first day of the congress ended with an amazing opening ceremony and an opening reception. What a show – What a venue! The atmosphere in the opening reception was great and we don´t think the day could ended any better.


The Concert Hall was almost filled up when the show started.

Congress Presidents Susanna Hedenborg & Aage Radmann


Great atmosphere at the Opening reception

Great atmosphere at the Opening reception

We hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the congress!

Please follow us on Twitter for the latest updates during the Congress. @ECSS2015 #ECSS2015 #ECSS20th

ECSS 20th anniversary program for social & physical activities

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the additional social and physical activities for the ECSS Congress in Malmö, please enjoy!

The hosts of the ECSS Congress in Malmö 2015 invites you to take part in the ECSS 20th Anniversary Program of Social & Physical Activities. Several times a day there is a chance to meet up, do some physical activities and socialize.

Thursday 25th

07:00 Historical Malmö – a Guided Tour
Have an early morning walk and enjoy a guided tour of historical Malmö. Limited number of participants (30) – sign up here! Meet up here.

18:00 Gerilla Run Ribban
Meet Malmö Gerilla Runners – and have a run with them (5 or 10 k)! Malmö Gerilla Runners is an open and informal group in Malmö that gets together to run. Free and open for all. Meet up here.

20:00 The Boule Bar Experience
Play some Boule, have a drink, chat, enjoy life… (You pay for your own drinks, food and bouleplaying). Meet up here.

20:00 ECSS 20th Anniversary Dinner
The City of Malmö is inviting the ECSS to a dinner at the Malmö City Hall. Invitation only. Read more here. Meet up here.

matFriday 26th

07:00 Bengt Saltin Run
In memory of Bengt Saltin we will have a timed 5k running race in the Pildammarna Park. Limited number of participants (250) – sign up here! Meet up here.

17:00 Sporting Women of Malmö
Enjoy an walk through Malmö while taking part in the guided tour of Sporting Women of Malmö. Limited number of participants (30) – sign up here! Meet up here.

20:00 Friday Night Out
Enough with the exercise, lets just chill out… Or you haven’t had enough? – Go dancing! (You pay for yourself). Read more here. Meet up here.

båtturSaturday 27th

07:00 Rejuvenating Yoga
Feeling drained and fatigued? Get you mojo back working order with some meditative Yoga. Limited number of participants (40) – sign up here! Meet up here.

15:00 Malmö by Boat – a Guided Tour on the Canal
Recharge your energy – go on a guided boat-ride through Malmö, the Green City. Limited number of participants (60) – sign up here! (You pay for yourself, in cash, on site, 10 €). Meet up here.

20:00 Party in the Peoples Park
The Congress will round off with a party in the beautiful Folkets Park (The People’s Park). Here, we socialize, enjoy the great atmosphere of the congress – and party! Read more here. Meet up here.


sommar på ribbanWednesday 24th & Sunday 28th

09:00 Summer on Ribban
Arriving early or leaving late? Then you can take part in Summer on Ribban. Every summer the City and its sports clubs arrange sporting activities for all by the beach. Read more here. Meet up here.


Questions about the social programme? Please contact: Mikaela, mikaela.farnqvist@mah.se, or Joakim, joakim.akesson@mah.se.

Join the guided tour about ”Sporting Women of Malmö“

Right in the heart of Malmö, near Triangeln and Pildammsparken, at the venerable Malmö IP (“Malmö Sports Field”) we’ll start the walk that focuses on women’s sports and sporting in the city. The walk could be done anywhere in and outside the city; women’s sporting and physical activity is far from an isolated phenomenon. And strangely enough, despite decades of gender-politics and activism, it seems necessary to draw attention to women in sports. The reason is that sport, just like the rest of society, is characterized by male superiority and the subordination of women.

Photo: Urszula Striner

The women’s football team FC Rosengård plays their home matches at Malmö IP. The team wins the Swedish top league, and aims to win the Women’s Champions League, almost every season. It offers world-class player as Mittag, Sjögran, Bachman and Marta. Ten years ago, the club name was Malmö FF Women, then LdB FC and now FC Rosengård. All these name changes have have a gender dimension: the economic subordination of women’s football, which forced the changes.

Roller_Derby_SM-4Across the street we’ll find the old Tennis Hall, which now holds roller derby, a contact sport on roller skates that’s played exclusively by women. The sport originates from USA and the banked-track roller skating marathons of the 1930s. It was revived after languishing in the early 2000s. Some say that roller derby is part of contemporary feminist activism, although there are some male clubs in the US. In Malmö, there are two roller derby clubs.

utegymFor our last stop we visit Pildammsparken and one of the two outdoor gyms that have been there for a few years. For women, taking place in public areas is a known problem – outdoor gyms and other spontaneous sites are no exceptions. Boys and men do take place, and they take places in possession. This is not acceptable and we need change! What can the various stakeholders contribute with, as future public spaces for sport and exercise are planned and constructed?

This walk is intended to provide knowledge of women’s sporting and physical activity in the city, but also to provoke thoughts about various aspects of women’s bodies, economic, social and cultural conditions, and terms and conditions of women’s sports.

Register for the guided tour here. Limited number of participants!
There are two meetingpoints, 16:30 outside Malmö Live or at the square infront of Malmö Opera, here, at 17:00.

The courtesy cars have arrived, sponsored by Lexus Malmö

It’s one week to go before this year’s ECSS congress starts in Malmö, and we’re all are working on the final preparations. This week we had the pleasure to pick up three courtesy cars sponsored by Lexus Malmö. Lexus cars profile themselves as eco-cars, which fits well into the Malmö congress Sustainable Sport theme.

Lexus believes that it is their duty and obligation to take the lead in the automobile industry’s environmental challenges. They believe that environmental sustainability is the single biggest challenge in this century, both for their own industry and for society at large. Lexus means that their response to this challenge affects not only their own cars, but every aspect of their business and every individual in their business.

You’re very welcome to have a look at, and perhaps a ride in, the cars during your stay at the congress.

Find more information about Lexus Malmö here

Lexus logga

Three host institutions taking on the ECSS 2015 Congress in Malmö

In only a week from today people from all over the world will be arriving to the ECSS 2015 Congress, and we are proud to welcome you to Malmö. This year’s congress will be hosted by three great universities from the Öresund region, Malmö University, Lund University and University of Copenhagen.

Malmö University
Malmö University was founded in 1998 and is a young, modern and international university. It has about 25,000 students and offers undergraduate and postgraduate education. Malmö University’s mission is to be an active hub for research, education, and innovation that benefits the global society. Education and research at Malmö University is aligned with and focused on the major challenges in contemporary society. Hence, research is often multidisciplinary and frequently pursued in collaboration with partners from outside the university.

Lund universityLund University
Lund University has a long and vibrant history covering almost 350 years of teaching. It has evolved from just a few hundred students and professors being paid with meat and grain into its present form, with around 47,000 students and a international position of excellence in teaching and research. The University is organised into eight faculties as well as many departments, schools and research centres. The University has three campuses located in the cities of Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö, all in southern Sweden.
Copenhagen UniversityUniversity of Copenhagen
With over 38,000 students and more than 9,000 employees, the University of Copenhagen is the largest institution for research and education in Denmark. The purpose of the University – to quote the University Statute – is to ‘conduct research and provide further education at the highest academic level’. Approximately one hundred different institutes, departments, laboratories, centres, museums, etc., form the nucleus of the University, where professors, lecturers and other academic staff, as well as most of the technical and administrative personnel, carry out their daily work, and where teaching takes place. These activities can be found in various environments ranging from the plant world of the Botanical Gardens, through high-tech laboratories and auditoriums, to the historic buildings and lecture rooms of Frue Plads and other locations.

See you soon in Malmö!

Let’s celebrate the 20th ECSS Congress together at Moriska Paviljongen in Folkets Park


Don’t forget to bring your party shoes to Malmö! Together we are going to round of the 20th Congress with a spectacular party. The ECSS Congress party will take place at Moriska Paviljongen in Folkets Park, “The People’s Park”. Moriska Paviljongen was built 110 years ago and is one of Malmö’s most famous and beloved buildings. The venue is constantly used for events, galas, parties and congresses.

handsWe are not only going to celebrate an amazing congress held at Malmö Live congress center, some newfound friendships and a great time in Malmö, we are also delighted to be able to celebrate 20 years of sport science under the umbrella of the European College of Sport Science. Let’s celebrate the ever-important development of knowledge and the opportunity to share it with each other!

Saturday, June 27th 2015 will be a night to remember! Make sure to pre-book your tickets beforehand through your ECSS account. Limited capacity only. Tickets are free of charge.

The doors will open at 19:30 for all congress delegates and for the general public at 22:30.

So, bring your dancing shoes and show us your best moves on the dance floor!

Find more information about Moriska Paviljongen here.



Listen to Malmö Academic Choir at the ECSS Malmö 2015 Opening Cermony

Malmö Kör

Malmö Academic Choir at St. Johannes Church

On Saturday 6th of June, Sweden celebrated National Day and we got to see and hear Malmö Academic Choir at a live summer concert in one of Malmö’s churches. We are proud to announce that Malmö Academic choir will partake in the Opening Ceremony for ECSS Malmo 2015 Congress.


Daniel Hansson

Daniel Hansson, Director of Music at Malmö University, is the conductor of Malmö Academic Choir, 30 voices strong and consisting of a majority of students but also staff and alumni from Malmö University. Since 1999 Malmö Academic Choir is a vocal ensemble for Malmö’s entire academic arena, tied to Malmö University. The choir is exceedingly appreciated and we are very happy to have them come and join the opening ceremony in their busy schedule.

Here is a short teaser from Malmö Academic Choir

You are most welcome to attend the ECSS Opening Ceremony June 24 at 18:00 at the Concert Hall at Malmo Live!

Join the ”ECSS Bengt Saltin Run 2015“ as a tribute to Bengt Saltin

Bengt Saltin, 1935 - 2014

Bengt Saltin, 1935 – 2014

Bengt Saltin was one of the main founders of the ECSS. He was a world leading human physiologist. His scientific contributions in the field of exercise physiology have had a major impact in the field of public health, which he remained devoted to as a physician. Bengt had a tremendous curiosity about diverse scientific areas, and an enormous capacity for work; he published more than 500 works, mentored many students from around the world and also served a term as Dean of the Faculty of Science while at the University of Copenhagen.

As a tribute to Bengt Saltin, ECSS, in cooperation with Heleneholms IF wants to welcome all congress delegates to join in on a run together. The ECSS Bengt Saltin Run 2015 will take place in Pildammsparken, Malmö, on June 26th at 7:00 am. Together we run two laps around the park, 5.4 km. We start at the corner of John Ericssons väg and Baltiska vägen. Find your map here.

Karta pildammarna

The registration closes on June 19, so make sure you register in time. Only the first 250 registered entries will be accepted. You register by logging in to your account at the ECSS website, where you’ll find a link to the registration link. Of course the registration is free of charge.

Before the run you need to collect your number bib. The number bibs will available on two occasions, by showing your badge:

  • June 25th between 16:00-18:00 in the congress area, Malmö Live.
  • June 26th between 06:0007:00 at the competition area, Pildammsparken.

At the start there will be a tent, supervised by volunteers, where you can leave your personal items during the run, and at the finish water and energy drinks will be provided. Your time will be recorded manually and will be presented at earliest convenience at the end of the run.

Will you bring your family along to Malmö? Make sure you enter them for the run as well!

For more information visit Heleneholms IF.

Sponsor Saltin Run


Gatorade sports science institute (GSSI) sports nutrition pre-conference

If you are about to book your travel and accommodation for the upcoming ECSS conference then make sure you arrive a day early…

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) invites attendees of the ECSS conference to join us on Wednesday 24th June, in The Kuben, for our pre-conference symposium entitled “Sports Nutrition Exchange: Insights into the Measurement and Manipulation of Metabolism in Athletes”.

This four hour event includes talks from some of the most prestigious scientists who will cover the topics of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism from a scientific and applied perspective.

The full schedule of the symposium is as follows:

8:30 – 9:00: REGISTRATION


James Carter PhD | GSSI, USA & UK
Lawrence Spriet PhD | University of Guelph, Canada


Bente Kiens PhD | University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Rebecca Randell PhD | GSSI

10:40 – 11:00: BREAK & COFFEE


Erik Richter MD, PhD | University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Jens Bangsbo PhD | University of Copenhagen, Denmark

12:30 – 12:35: CLOSING REMARKS


Prior registration to the event is advised as places are limited. Use this link to register, and make sure to check out the GSSI website for all up to date Sports Nutrition insights.

The day does not end there…

Stick around after the pre-conference and show your support to the short listed finalists who are up for winning the GSSI Nutrition Award. Each finalist will present their work and the winner will be announced later that evening at the Opening Ceremony.

Welcome to a day of exciting lectures at Malmö University on Tuesday, June 23


Orkanen, home of Malmö University Teacher Education Faculty. Photo: Malmö City

Are you arriving early for this year’s ECSS Congress? Don’t miss out on some interesting lectures at Malmö University.

Coinciding with the Congress, there will be a PhD-course, Scientific Quality, Position and Relevance in Sport Sciences. As part of the course we offer a set of interesting lectures, by experienced and eminent scholars within Sport Studies and Sport Science, on Tuesday, June 23. These lectures are open also for ECSS participants not attending the course. Still, you will have to notify your interest to veronica.sjoholm@mah.se.

Schedule for the day

10.00-11.00: Prof. Richard Tinning, University of Queensland, AUS
“An odyssey in the raise and falls in the development of sport science”

11.30-12.30: Prof. Angela Schneider, Western University, CAN
“The problems and opportunities in mixing social and natural science in sport studies”

14.00-15.00: Prof. Hans Westerbeek, Victoria University, AUS
“The problems and opportunities of applied, multi-disciplinary, science”

15.30-16.30: Prof. Jim Parry, University of Leeds, GB
“Sport and Sustainability – Ethics and Integrity”

Location: Room F415, Orkanen, Malmö University

You’re all welcome to join, and we hope to see you there!