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The courtesy cars have arrived, sponsored by Lexus Malmö

It’s one week to go before this year’s ECSS congress starts in Malmö, and we’re all are working on the final preparations. This week we had the pleasure to pick up three courtesy cars sponsored by Lexus Malmö. Lexus cars profile themselves as eco-cars, which fits well into the Malmö congress Sustainable Sport theme.

Lexus believes that it is their duty and obligation to take the lead in the automobile industry’s environmental challenges. They believe that environmental sustainability is the single biggest challenge in this century, both for their own industry and for society at large. Lexus means that their response to this challenge affects not only their own cars, but every aspect of their business and every individual in their business.

You’re very welcome to have a look at, and perhaps a ride in, the cars during your stay at the congress.

Find more information about Lexus Malmö here

Lexus logga

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