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Salimetrics LLC – a happy congress exhibitor at the ECSS 2015 Malmö


Salimetrics once again attended ECSS, this time in the wonderful location of Malmo. Our thanks go to the organising committee for allowing us a stage upon which we were able to pass on information about the use of Salivary Bioscience within the Elite Sport Arena.

At the Conference we introduced the first available Salivary Uric Acid Assay, The Salimetrics Salivary Uric Acid Enzymatic Assay Kit was specifically designed to standardise the quantitation of Uric Acid levels in Saliva Samples and is useful in the area of Oxidative Stress

Delegates were hungry for information about Saliva Collection, the ELISA Test Process and Interpretation of results. For further information, can we guide interested parties to our website www.salimetrics.com. It contains a host of technical support, got a question: europe@salimetrics.com

See you all in Vienna 2016….

Roger Sparrow
Salimetrics LLC