ISSN 1652–7224  :: Published 11 February 2009
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The Kings and Queens of Sport

Jonas Lindkvist
Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University

The kings and queens of sport is a quantitative intersectionality analysis of the representation of athletes in Swedish media. I have found that the representation of women athletes differs in several ways from that of male athletes. Women athletes are subjected to infantilisation, familiarisation, trivialisation and sexualisation in a higher degree than male athletes. Throughout sports history, male athletes from other countries have been labelled with ethnicity to a greater extent than Swedish male athletes. These differences have in most cases decreased over time, which I deem as a natural consequence of an increasing acceptance and assimilation of these groups within professional sports. The social categories that are subjected to these stereotyped representations today are women team athletes and foreign women team athletes. Sexuality will play a significant role in the future.

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