Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, Volume 27, 2019, Number 2: Women in Sport Coaching


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“Fitful but Undeniable Progress” or Just the Same Old Same Old? Introduction to the Women in Sport Coaching Special Issue
Leslee A. Fisher
Pages: 61–62


Gender, Coaching, and Occupational Turnover
George B. Cunningham, Na Young Ahn, Arden J. Anderson and Marlene A. Dixon
Pages: 63–72

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Negotiating Gender in the English Football Workplace: Composite Vignettes of Women Head Coaches’ Experiences
Beth G. Clarkson, Elwyn Cox and Richard C. Thelwell
Pages: 73–84

Are Women Coached by Women More Likely to Become Sport Coaches? Head Coach Gender and Female Collegiate Athletes’ Entry into the Coaching Profession
Matea Wasend and Nicole M. LaVoi
Pages: 85–93

Career Pathways to NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Head Coach Positions: Do Race and Gender Matter?
Leslie K. Larsen and Christopher J. Clayton
Pages: 94–100

Scaffolding Women Coaches’ Development: A Program to Build Coaches’ Competence and Confidence
Justine B. Allen and Colleen Reid
Pages: 101–109

The Alberta Women in Sport Leadership Project: A Social Learning Intervention for Gender Equity and Leadership Development
Diane M. Culver, Erin Kraft, Cari Din and Isabelle Cayer
Pages: 110–117

Sport Policy Praxis: Examining How Canadian Sport Policy Practically Advances the Careers of Nascent Female Coaches
Alixandra N. Krahn
Pages: 118–127

Key Considerations for Advancing Women in Coaching
Jenessa Banwell, Gretchen Kerr and Ashley Stirling
Pages: 128–135


Open access
Final Thoughts on Women in Sport Coaching: Fighting the War
Nicole M. LaVoi, Jennifer E. McGarry and Leslee A. Fisher
Pages: 136–140

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