Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, Volume 26, 2018, Number 2


Race and Exercise Engagement: Investigating the High-Calorie-Burning Activities of White and Black Collegiate Women
Buffie Longmire-Avital, Takudzwa Madzima, and Elyse Bierut

Inclusion and Normalization of Queer Identities in Women’s College Sport
Mallory Mann and Vikki Krane

The Complexity of Sport: Universal Challenges and Their Impact on Women in Sport
Gwendolyn M. Weatherford, Betty A. Block, and Fredrick L. Wagner

Team Katniss? Adolescent Girls’ Participation in a Voluntary Archery After-School Program
Shara Crookston

Enhancing the Evidence Base for Irish Female Youth Participation in Physical Activity—The Development of the Gaelic4Girls Program
Orlagh Farmer, Donna Duffy, Kevin Cahill, Diarmuid Lester, Sarahjane Belton, and Wesley O’Brien

Relative Age Effects in Women’s Ice Hockey: Contributions of Body Size and Maturity Status
Christina A. Geithner, Claire E. Molenaar, Tommy Henriksson, Anncristine Fjellman-Wiklund, and Kajsa Gilenstam


Gender Integration in Collegiate Combative Physical Education Classes
Alexander J. Bedard, Kevin A. Bigelman, Lynn R. Fielitz, Jeffrey D. Coelho, William B. Kobbe, Renard O. Barone, Nicholas H. Gist, and John E. Palmer

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