Veckans olympiska Routledge-tema: History and Philosophy


Routledge har skapat en olympisk temasida där man samlar artiklar och böcker ut förlagets omfattande idrottsforskningsutgivning kring ett visst tema.

Recent publications from Routledge Online Studies on the Olympic and Paralympic Games…


Introduction: Britain, Britons and the Olympic Games
Martin Polley

‘Hey Pal! Who Won the Marathon?’ The Illustrated London News’s Coverage of Sport in 1908, an Olympic Year
Iain Adams & Mitchell J. Larson

Massaging the Amateur Ethos: British Professional Trainers at the 1912 Olympic Games
Dave Day

Advocate or Antagonist? Sir Theodore Andrea Cook and the British Olympic Movement
Matthew P. Llewellyn

The Most Important Photograph in the History of Women’s Olympic Participation: Jennie Fletcher and the British 4×100 Freestyle relay team at the Stockholm 1912 Games
Jean Williams

Britain and the Boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics
Kevin Jefferys

Team GB, or No Team GB, That Is The Question: Olympic Football and the Post-War Crisis of Britishness
Neil Ewen

Women in Management and Leadership in the Olympic Movement in Muslim Majority Countries: An Empirical Evaluation of Huntington’s Clash of Civilisations Typology
Shushu Chen & Ian Henry

In the Shadow of Myron: The Impact of the Discobolus on Representations of Olympic Sport from Victorian Britain to Contemporary China
Mike O’Mahony

‘Pioneer of Olympism in the Middle East’: Gabriel Gemayel and Lebanese Sport
Andrea L. Stanton


Moving the Goalposts: A History of Sport and Society in Britain since 1945
Martin Polley

Roger Bannister and the Four-Minute Mile
John Bale

Women in Sports History
Carol Osborne & Fiona Skillen

Routledge Companion to Sports History
S. W. Pope & John Nauright


Olympic Ethics and Philosophy: Old Wine in New Bottles
Mike McNamee & Jim Parry

The Peace Movement on the Occasion of the 21ST Century Olympic Games: Developments and Limitations
Naofumi Masumoto

Fair or Temple: Two Possibilities for Olympic Sport
Irena Martínková

Pandora Logic: Rules, Moral Judgement and the Fundamental Principles of Olympism
Leon Culbertson

Smoke and Mirrors: A Critique of Women Olympians’ Nude Reflections
Charlene Weaving

Paralympians Outperforming Olympians: An Increasing Challenge for Olympism and the Paralympic and Olympic Movement
Gregor Wolbring

The Moral Pathologies of National Sporting Representation at the Olympics
Hywel Iorwerth, Carwyn Jones & Alun Hardman

Sport and Olympism: Universals and Multiculturalism
Jim Parry

Olympic Sport and the Ideal of Sustainable Development
Sigmund Loland

Olympism, Eurocentricity, and Transcultural Virtues 
Mike McNamee

Olympic Sport and Its Lessons for Peace
Heather L. Reid


Ethics in Youth Sport
Stephen Harvey & Richard Light

The Ethics of Sports Medicine
Claudio Tamburrini & Torbjörn Tännsjö

Ethics, Disability and Sports
Ejgil Jespersen & Mike J. McNamee

Ethics, Knowledge and Truth in Sports Research: An Epistemology of Sport
Graham McFee

The Ethics of Sports Coaching
Alun R Hardman & Carwyn Jones

The Ethics of Sports
Mike McNamee

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