Timisoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal, Volume 11, 2018, Issue 20

Preliminary data on low peripheral blood oxygen levels induced by physical effort
Bogdan Alexandru Hagiu, Sebastian George Smîntînică and Iulian Dumitru Turculeț
Pages: 7–11

Improving secondary school curricula through the development of agility
Andras-Jozsef Borzasi and Nada-Alexandra Arseni
Pages: 12–16

The specifics of sensations and perceptions in students from different faculties
Emilia Florina Grosu, Hanna Imola Vari, Vlad Teodor Grosu and Dan Monea
Pages: 17–26

Discovering the leader of a volleyball team using the sociometric survey method
Ioan Sabin Sopa and Marcel Pomohaci
Pages: 27–33

Dietary supplements and exercise capacity in professional rugby players
Bogdan Almăjan Guță, Himena Zippenfening, Simelda Zippenfening, Zoran Popa, Alexandra Mihaela Rusu, Sorin Stoia, Violeta Almăjan Guță and Claudiu Avram
Pages: 34–40

The evolution of the physical effort curve during the physical education and sports lesson
Vasile Septimiu Ormenisan, Maria Daniela Macra Osorhean, Paul Ovidiu Radu and Radu Adrian Rozsnyai
Pages: 41–46

Aspects regarding the use of drugs among athletes
Șerban Gligor and Răzvan Gligor
Pages: 47–52

Smart training equals performance
Tiberiu Puta, Claudiu Avram and Alexandra Mihaela Rusu
Pages: 53–58

Contribution of harmonious physical development exercises to increase bio-motor process at preschool children
Mihaela-Liana Faur, Romana Benea and Corina Pantea
Pages: 59–66

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