Timisoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal, Volume 10, 2017, Issue 19

A study on how age influences swimming speed in masters breaststroke men competitions
Marcel Răsădean
Pages: 5–9

New therapeutic approaches in the treatment of low back pain
Marius Neculăeș and Paul Lucaci
Pages: 11–15

Physical therapy management in knee ankylosis -Case study-
Ana-Maria Vutan
Pages: 15–18

Considerations on the efficiency of the attack hit in a women’s senior volleyball team
Sorin Grădinaru and Csilla Grădinaru
Pages: 19–24

Journey from academics to employment: labor market insertion of the Fitness and Motor Performance Master Physical Education Faculty of Timisoara West University Alumni 2011-2016- a pilot study
Adrian Nagel, Silvia Nicoleta Mirică, Martin Domokos, Cerasela Domokos, Eugen Bota and Cristian Negrea
Pages: 25–32

Students’ job-related physical condition. How fit are they ?
Ioan Galea, Dana Negru, Viorel Petru Ardelean, Corina Dulceanu and Iustin Olariu
Pages: 33–38

Verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal skills in the patient-kinetotherapist relationship
Oana Rusu and Maria Chiriță
Pages: 39–45

Platelet-rich plasma intra-articular injections as an alternative treatment for knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review
Elena Sîrbu, Șerban Gligor and Corina Pantea
Pages: 46–51

The impact of sport education on fundamental values
Beatrice Abălașei, Radu Iacob and Rareș Puni
Pages: 52–57

Motor skill development for children between the ages of 6 to 8 as a result of finishing an initiation level swimming course
Dan Ionuț Pîrjol, Marcel Răsădean and Petre Baniaș
Pages: 58–62

Physical Education – Active Support of the Stage Movement (The Training of the Bodily Expression)
Ana-Cristina Leșe
Pages: 63–66

K. S. Stanislavski and the physical action
Ana Cristina Leșe
Pages: 67–72

Developing resistance through dynamic games, for the 2-nd grade schoolchildren
Vicol Eduard Șuță, Tiberiu Tătaru, Lizia Ioana Șuță and Marinela Vasile
Pages: 73–79

The incidence of spine deficiencies among disabled students with intellectual disabilities from special education system in Bucharest
Vicol Eduard Șuță, Tiberiu Tătaru, Lizia Ioana Șuță and Marinela Vasile
Pages: 80–85

The effect of physical effort on the psychological dimensions in the case of former athletes
Marin Chirazi and Irina Șubredu
Pages: 86–90

Study regarding the game parameters of the national men’s basketball league and of the national team at Eurobasket 2017
Dan Ionescu and Rareş Cosmin Prişcă
Pages: 91–96

Izometric effort in the balance stance of handball throw
Alexandru Andrei Gherman, Leon Gomboș, Adrian Pătrașcuand Sergiu Pop
Pages: 97–102

Postural balance and 7-meter throw’s accuracy in handball
Leon Gomboș, Alexandru Andrei Gherman, Adrian Pătrașcuand Paul Radu
Pages: 103–108

Effects of physical activity on the quality of life among adult women
Klára Kalman and Iacob Hanţiu
Pages: 109–114

Trunk asymmetry at children aged 10-15 years: relation between amount of asymmetry and risk factors.
Béla József Balla and Iacob Hanţiu
Pages: 114–118

The time for physical exercise and food habits on anumber of students from Pascani National College
Adriana Albu, Ionuţ Onose, Raluca Mihaela Hodorcă and Cristina-Elena Moraru
Pages: 120–124

Contributions regarding combating obesity in middle school students (girls) from rural areas through motor activities
Adrian Cojocariu and Valentin Albu
Pages: 125–129

Contribution of harmonious physical development exercises to increase bio-motor process at preschool children
Mihaela-Liana Faur, Romana Benea and Corina Pantea
Pages: 130–136

Physical assessment and motor skills development on a group of students from rural areas
Ionuţ Onose, Raluca Mihaela Hodorcă, Cristina-Elena Moraru and Adriana Albu
Pages: 137–142

Comparative study of wing spikers on offensive efficiency actions in obtaining points in high performance competitions
Cristian Șanta and Radu-Cristian Stupar
Pages: 143–147

The use of dynamic games in the development of motor skills among children with special educational needs
Bogdan Constantin Ungurean, Adrian Cojocariu and Alexandru Oprean
Pages: 148–153

The relationship between the frequency of physical and sports activities and the body image
Gabriela Maria Pop and Horea Pop
Pages: 154–158

Improving the quality of life through participation in physical activity- the tennis camp pilot study
Radu-Tiberiu Șerban and Alin Marius Baciu
Pages: 159–164

Study on the Libero’s Game Patterns in Serve Take-Over in Junior Volleyball Teams II
Alexandru-Rareş Puni and Iulian Dumitru
Pages: 165–171

Effectiveness of resistance development through football at high school students
Alexandru – Radu Bădoi and Gheorghe Monea
Pages: 172–176

Overweight between perception and reality
Cristian-Cosmin Strava
Pages: 177–182

A review on volleyball injuries
Hans-Eric Reitmayer
Pages: 183–188

The identification of the components organizational culture in the camps from Romania
Florin Nichifor
Pages: 195–200

Modification of heart rate in lactacid anaerobic effort among amateur athletes
Cezar Honceriu and Florin Petruț Trofin
Pages: 201–206

Specific training for improving the skill and speed in junior football players
Dan Monea, Rodica Prodan and Vlad Teodor Grosu
Pages: 207–215

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