The Sport Psychologist, Volume 33, 2019, Issue 3


Fun, Failure, and Fulfillment: A Case-Study Approach to Informal Athlete Leadership in Minor League Baseball
Philip D. Imholte, Jedediah E. Blanton and Michelle M. McAlarnen
Pages: 177–188

Athlete Leadership as a Shared Process: Using a Social-Network Approach to Examine Athlete Leadership in Competitive Female Youth Soccer Teams
Ashley M. Duguay, Todd M. Loughead and James M. Cook
Pages: 189–202

A Qualitative Exploration of Division I Tennis Players Completing the Mindfulness Meditation Training for Sport 2.0 Program
Trevor Cote, Amy Baltzell and Robert Diehl
Pages: 203–212

A Mental Warm-Up for Athletes
Britton W. Brewer, Adisa Haznadar, Dylan Katz, Judy L. Van Raalte and Albert J. Petitpas
Pages: 213–220

The Effect of Manipulating Individual Consequences and Training Demands on Experiences of Pressure With Elite Disability Shooters
Mike Stoker, Ian Maynard, Joanne Butt, Kate Hays and Paul Hughes
Pages: 221–227


Diversity Characteristics and Experiences of Discrimination in Certified Mental Performance Consultants
Zachary McCarver, Shelby Anderson, Justine Vosloo and Sebastian Harenberg
Pages: 228–231


A Review of the Sport-Injury and -Rehabilitation Literature: From Abstraction to Application
Courtney W. Hess, Stacy L. Gnacinski and Barbara B. Meyer
Pages: 232–243

Sport Psychology Consultants’ Perspectives on Facilitating Sport-Injury-Related Growth
Ross Wadey, Kylie Roy-Davis, Lynne Evans, Karen Howells, Jade Salim and Ceri Diss
Pages: 244–255

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