The Sport Psychologist, Volume 32, 2018, Issue 3


The Self-Regulatory and Task-Specific Strategies of Elite-Level Amateur Golfers in Tournament Preparation
Jarred Pilgrim, Peter Kremer, and Sam Robertson

Psychological Resilience’s Moderation of the Relationship Between the Frequency of Organizational Stressors and Burnout in Athletes and Coaches
Chris Wagstaff, Rebecca Hings, Rebecca Larner, and David Fletcher

Athlete Perceptions of Coaching Effectiveness and Athlete-Level Outcomes in Team and Individual Sports: A Cross-Cultural Investigation
Ahmad F. Mohd Kassim and Ian D. Boardley

Using Vignettes to Analyze Potential Influences of Effective Strength and Conditioning Coaching on Athlete Development
Christoph Szedlak, Matthew Smith, Melissa Day, and Bettina Callary

Successful High-Performance Ice Hockey Coaches’ Intermission Routines and Situational Factors That Guide Implementation
Julia Allain, Gordon A. Bloom, and Wade D. Gilbert

Enhancing Grit Through Functional Imagery Training in Professional Soccer
Jonathan Rhodes, Jon May, Jackie Andrade, and David Kavanagh

Coming-Out Experiences of a Gay Male Volleyball Player
Elizabeth M. Mullin, James E. Leone, and Suzanne Pottratz


College Soccer Players’ Perceptions of Coach and Team Efficacy
Frazer Atkinson, Sandra E. Short, and Jeffrey Martin


Self-Talk in a SCUBA Diving Context
Judy L. Van Raalte, Lorraine Wilson, Allen Cornelius, and Britton W. Brewer

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