The Sport Psychologist, Volume 31, 2017, Issue 1

Applied Research

Transformational Leadership in Elite Sport: A Qualitative Analysis of Effective Leadership Behaviors in Cricket
Matthew J. Smith, David J. Young, Sean G. Figgins, and Calum A. Arthur

High-Level South Korean Athletes’ Experiences of Injury and Rehabilitation
Matthew P. Bejar, Leslee A. Fisher, Benjamin H. Nam, Leslie K. Larsen, Jamie M. Fynes, and Rebecca A. Zakrajsek

Female Varsity Athletes’ Perceptions of How They Became Optimistic in Sport
Hayley L. deBeaudrap, John G.H. Dunn, and Nicholas L. Holt

Resilience and Growth in Marathon Runners in the Aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings
Kelsey Timm, Cindra Kamphoff, Nick Galli, and Stephen P. Gonzalez

Examining the Effects of Normative Messages on Perceived Effort in Sport
Alyson J. Crozier and Kevin S. Spink

Young Female Soccer Players’ Perceptions of Their Modified Sport Environment
Michelle McCalpin, Blair Evans, and Jean Côté

Professional Practice

Developing Performance Using Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT): A Case Study with an Elite Archer
Andrew G. Wood, Jamie B. Barker, and Martin J. Turner

Teaching Sport Psychology for Now and the Future? The Psychological UNIFORM with High School Varsity Athletes
Jenelle N. Gilbert, Stephanie D. Moore-Reed, and Alexandra M. Clifton

Book and Resource Reviews

Book and Resource Reviews
Ashley Coker-Cranney

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