The Sport Psychologist Volume 27, Issue 2, June

tsp300Applied Research

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail: Professional Boxers’ Experiences of Training
Duncan Simpson, Craig Wrisberg

A Preliminary Survey of Interpersonal Conflict at Major Games and Championships
Stephen D. Mellalieu, David A. Shearer, Catherine R. Shearer

The Sources and Maintenance of Professional Golfers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs
Gio Valiante, David B. Morris

Stress and Coping Among Adolescents Across a Competitive Swim Season
Meghan H. McDonough, Valerie Hadd, Peter R.E. Crocker, Nicholas L. Holt, Katherine A. Tamminen, Kimberly Schonert-Reichl

Analysis and Description of Olympic Gold Medalists’ Competition-Day Routines
Matthew A. Grant, Paul G. Schempp

The Effects of Self-Talk on Dominant and Nondominant Arm Performance on a Handball Task in Primary Physical Education Students
Nikos Zourbanos, Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Dimitris Bardas, Yannis Theodorakis

Self-Determined Motivation as a Predictor of Burnout Among College Athletes
Patrick Michael Holmberg, Dennis A. Sheridan

A Case Study of a High School Sport Program Designed to Teach Athletes Life Skills and Values
Martin Camire, Pierre Trudel, Dany Bernard

Professional Practice

Assessment in Youth Sport: Practical Issues and Best Practice Guidelines
Brandonn S. Harris, Lindsey C. Blom, Amanda Visek

Book and Resource Reviews

Introduction to Sport Psychology Consulting: Working with Coaches and Teams
Angela M. Fifer

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