The Physical Educator, Vol. 76, 2019, No. 2

Effect of an Educational Intervention on Youth Swim Coaches’ Behaviors
Kara A. Holtzclaw, Lindsey Blom, Alee Wade, Lawrence W. Judge

An Exploratory Study of Youth Soccer Players’ Participation Motivation and Health-Related Behaviors
Zhenhao Zeng, Wen-Yan Meng, Peng Sun, Li Sheng Xie

Relationships Between Dispositional Flow, Motivational Climate, and Self-Talk in Physical Education Classes
Elif Nilay Ada, Nikos Comoutos, Aristea Karamitrou, Zisan Kazak

A Content Analysis of Teacher Autonomy Support During a High School Volleyball Unit
Jody L. Langdon, Collin A. Webster, Eva V. Monsma, Brandonn S. Harris

An Assessment of Student Learning and Instructional Methods in a Golf Skills Physical Education Course at a Public University
Kevin M. Fisher

Bias in Physical Educators’ Grading Practices With ELA Literacy
Clancy M. Seymour, Kristin E. Finn

Study Habits and Learning Experiences of Undergraduate Students in a Physical Education Major Online Kinesiology Course
Takahiro Sato, Douglas W. Ellison, Emi Tsuda

Physical Education Class and Body Image Perception: Are They Related?
Andrea K. Kennedy, Virginia Ramseyer Winter, Megan M. Corbin

Effect of an Elementary School Walking Program on Physical Activity and Classroom Behavior
Jill W. Lassiter, Amanda L. Campbell

Effect of Situational Interest and Social Support on College Students’ Physical Activity Motivation: A Mixed Methods Analysis
Joseph O. Otundo, Susan K. MacGregor

The Effect of Physical Education Teacher Physical Appearance on Student Physical Activity
Hayley B. McKown, Timothy A. Brusseau, Ryan D. Burns, Nick Galli

Sport Management Majors’ Perceived Motivators and Barriers to Participation in a College-Sponsored International Experience
Seth E. Jenny, Emily C. Almond, Jinwook J. Chung, Scot M. Rademaker

Referee Engagement and Officiating Accuracy in a College-Level Volleyball Sport Education Season
Zachary Wahl-Alexander, Oleg A. Sinelnikov, K. Andrew R. Richards

Protecting the Public’s Interest: Options for Structuring Public Authorities for Sport Venues
Mark S. Rosentraub, Michael B. Cantor, Sierra R. Bain

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