The Physical Educator, Vol. 75, 2018, No. 1

Comparing Sport Coaches’ and Administrators’ Perceptions of the National Standards for Sport Coaches
David P. Hedlund, Carol A. Fletcher, Sean Dahlin

Acute Exercise and Academic Achievement in High School Youth
Andrew Harveson, James Hannon, Timothy Brusseau, Les Podlog, Ben Chase, Kyoung-doo Kang

Comparison of Strength Gains in Untrained College-Age Females Using Free Weights and FreeMotion Machines
Katherine Milton, Janet R. Wojcik, Joni M. Boyd, Charles J. Bowers

Physical Educators’ Habitual Physical Activity and Self-Efficacy for Regular Exercise
Xihe Zhu, Justin A. Haegele, Summer Davis

Open Access
Exergaming: Comparison of On-Game and Off-Game Physical Activity in Elementary Physical Education
Craig Reynolds, Tami Benham-Deal, Jayne M. Jenkins, Margaret Wilson

“Like, We Don’t Want to Be PE Teachers:” Preservice Classroom Teachers’ Beliefs About Physical Education and Willingness to Incorporate Physical Activity
Jenny Mae Linker, Amelia Mays Woods

Tactical Games Model and Its Effects on Student Physical Activity and Gameplay Performance in Secondary Physical Education
Michael Hodges, Jason Wicke, Ismael Flores-Marti

In the Zone: An Investigation Into Physical Activity During Recess on Traditional Versus Zoned Playgrounds
Jillian Barnas, Colin Wunder II, Steve Ball

Professional Development Activities and Support Among Physical Education Teachers in the United States
Catherine E. Cardina, Carol DeNysschen

Open Access
Coaches Beware of Participating With Players in Practice
Tonya L. Sawyer

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